Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stupid. Little. Punks.

This is disappointing on so many levels.

MILWAUKEE - Bay View High School's graduation was held at the U.S. Cellular Arena on Monday night. The graduation ceremony got so out of control that school officials are now changing the way graduation will be held in the future.

"I've never experienced anything like this," Ms. Katie Simon said.

Simon was one of hundreds of family members and loved ones who attended Bay View's graduation. She said things got out of control fast.

'It was such a feeling of nervousness and anxiety and tension and people wondering was there going to be violence over this?" she said.

The disturbance started when several students made hand gestures and danced across the stage to get their diplomas. That's not allowed, so the principal tried to make them start over or get off the stage.

"It was so unruly that people were booing, jeering, and some people actually feared for the safety of the principal," Simon said.

School officials tried, but couldn't get the crowd under control. Valedictorian Lourdes Gil stepped in to help.

"I just asked the parents if they could please be respectful because there were others who were trying to graduate," Gil said.

The ceremony was cut short. Three students didn't get their diplomas, and won't until they meet with the principal.

"We're supporting the decision of the principal and her staff to end the ceremony," MPS spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin said.

MPS officials now say they will change the graduation policy for Bay View because of the problems at Monday night's graduation ceremony. Starting next year the ceremony will be held in the school auditorium and each student will only be allowed to bring two family members.
Thanks to these few jackasses, a very momentous occasion was ruined for so many. A High School graduation happens once in a lifetime. I feel badly for Ms. Gil. To have achieved the honor of valedictorian is a tremendous accomplishment. Because of these few self-centered cretins, the memory will be forever tarnished. Instead of enjoying the moment, she was trying to bring things under control.

And what the hell is with the parents being unruly?? Call me old (actually, don't) but aren't parents supposed to lead by example? It seems like today's parents are just as out of control as their children, which of course, is why the kids act like such idiots.

So because of a few punks, the memory of this high school graduation will be marred for all the rest of the students and their families. But hey! Those little assholes got their moment in the spotlight, right? *sigh*


  1. Chris,
    I think you you and I were both brought up with what my folks called "home raising" - these punks were not. Piss poor parenting has led to many if not most of the problems in today's society.

  2. The disrupters don't know the value of the high school education that they received because to them it was "free" and forced on them. They don't even know who paid for their education or why they may need one. It's all a big party for them. The real world will soon show them why.

  3. "The real world will soon show them why." -Pat

    Or not...many of these folk will continue with someone else paying for everything. The dole is a wonderful thing when you're on it and you want to be...that way the party continues.
    I'm just sayin'...