Thursday, July 28, 2011

I HAD to do it!

This comes from one of my favorite humor sites, Parents Shouldn't Text...I feel it's quite appropriate given what's been going on lately...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Life Cut Short

Yesterday I had the unpleasant task of attending a wake of a friend's 26 year old son who was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. It turned out to be a reunion of sorts as there were people there who I haven't seen in 10 and 20 years. There were tears, but there was much laughter too. It was interesting to me because the woman whose son tragically passed away was at one time GREAT friends with my little sister Val, whose life was also cut short 26 years ago. We talked, reminisced, cried and laughed. We sat outside in the blistering heat smoking a cigarette and downing a cold beer. Though the circumstances couldn't have been worse, I think a lot of good came from it.

I'd like to ask you to keep Kara, her daughter Sarah and son Anthony, and all friends and family in your hearts and prayers. They will most certainly need them in the coming weeks and months.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stop The Madness!

When will this end?
Today marks the first of nine summer recall elections related to the passage of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial bill to limit collective bargaining and to require public employees to pay more into their health and pension plans. Three Democrat senators and six Republican senators face a Wisconsin voting public that wants a second say about them. Nor will the efforts to recall Wisconsin legislators end with state senators. Democrats have vowed to recall Walker, as well.

But the attempt to oust the steadfast Badger State executive demands high Democratic turnout and low GOP participation in the special election — and Democrats are already worried that, if they start collecting signatures for Walker’s recall in the fall, the recall election itself will fall on the same day as the GOP presidential primary next spring when GOP turnout would be especially high. The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent explains...
Read the rest here.

You know, I'm getting damned sick and tired of this. The radio and TV are littered with political ads. It's in the news at every turn. ENOUGH ALREADY. You democrats are acting like spoiled children. You, who opposed voter ID because it would "disenfranchise" voters, are seeking to disenfranchise every single person who voted Republican in the 2010 election cycle. Can you not see that you are trampling on the will of the majority of voters?? Between protests, senators running away from home, lawsuits, and now the recall elections, we taxpayers are paying quite a price for your hissy fits.

I know you miss the days of Diamond Jim Doyle. You miss the halcyon days of taxing, spending, unions running the show. I get that. But Wisconsin decided that we'd had about enough of that. We decided to FINALLY become fiscally balance our budget. To put our house in order. Scott Walker's campaign focused on these ideas, and guess what? Seems as if the majority of us LIKED that idea. And now that he's putting that plan into action, y'all are attempting every trick in the book to try to negate the will of the people.

Someone once said elections have consequences. It's beyond time you realize it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mike Tate - Are You Serious?

Is this guy for real?
Madison -- State Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate called on Republicans to pay back taxpayers for the cost of running fake Democrats who lost primaries Tuesday.

But a GOP official countered that Democrats ought to bear the costs of the recall elections overall.

Republicans ran fake Democrats, calling them protest candidates, to delay the recall elections that were organized against six GOP senators for their support of Gov. Scott Walker’s legislation ending most collective bargaining by public employees. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that those elections -- which were won Tuesday by the real Democrats -- cost an estimated more than $475,000.

“It is time to officially call for Scott Walker and the Republican party to reimburse the taxpayers for the extra cost they were forced to bear yesterday for these fake candidates,” Tate said.

But John Hogan, who is managing Senate Republicans’ recall efforts, said that Democrats and unions promoted the idea of recalls and should be paying the costs.

“This is all Mike Tate’s doing, so he should pay for the whole thing,” Hogan said.
I have two words for Mr. Tate: Joanne Kloppenburg. Those very same unions who are behind these recalls were also behind Kloppenburg's RIDICULOUS call for a recount in the Supreme Court race, at a cost to the taxpayers which far exceeds the cost of the recall primaries.

I'd also like Mr. Tate to explain why the democrats aren't paying the taxpayers' bill for the protests in Madison. It was THEIR protest - it was the unions shipping people in from other states. It was because of them that extra security had to be present at the Capitol. It was they who vandalized the building and the grounds around it. So why should the taxpayers have to foot the bill?

Mr. Tate - do you not SEE the hypocrisy??? Yes - that was a rhetorical question.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

R&R with The Elder

Many of you know that The Elder has been deployed since February. While I'm not at liberty to talk about the deployment, I thought I'd share some pics from R&R for those of you who have been keeping up with the family. He's back on the ground now, but he, TSC and Wiggleworm had an AMAZING time together. Here's just a glimpse...
Godspeed babe - we're all SO proud of you. Come home safe again, y'hear?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ol' Broad Update Part...Whatever

Well, our good friend is on her way home from the hospital - actually, by now she's probably tucked in with all the felines in her life. She is in pain, and DOPED up to the high heavens! And if she pays me enough, I won't publish her texts to me. Heh. Oh stop - you KNOW you'd do the same thing.

Anyway, I'm assuming we'll be hearing from her soon...thanks y'all for caring enough about Kate to visit this little corner of the blogosphere for updates. I'll keep updating until she can do it herself.