Friday, June 25, 2010

Save Harley Davidson

Okay y'all - a great new site has been launched by candidate for Lieutenant Governor Ben Collins. As you know, Wisconsin is a tax hell in more ways than one. However, combined reporting can sign the death warrant on any business that has operations outside of Wisconsin. This tax law cost Harley Davidson over $22 MILLION dollars in the first year alone. Needless to say, there are whispers that Harley is thinking about moving out of state, and honestly, can ya blame them? Word has it that several states are courting Harley, and honestly, can ya blame them? ;)

What can you do, you ask? Well, let me tell you! You can visit Ben's website, "Save Harley Davidson" and sign the petition. Show your support for not only Harley, but for all Wisconsin businesses and business owners.

By signing the petition, you can let Governor Doyle and the Madison politicians know that we are mad as hell and we are NOT going to take this anymore!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Prayers going out to the loved ones of the one person who was killed and the two who were injured when a 30 foot concrete slab fell in the O'Donnell Park parking structure this afternoon. NOT a good way to start Summerfest.

What the F**K??????

Are you kidding me?

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. (AP) — A new policy in a Massachusetts public school district that makes condoms available to all students, even those in elementary school, is drawing criticism from some who say it goes too far.

Provincetown School Board Chairman Peter Grosso says because there is no set age when sexual activity starts, the committee decided not to set an age for condom availability.

Under the policy, any student requesting a condom from a school nurse must first receive counseling, which includes information on abstinence. The policy does not require the school to contact parents.
I'm left speechless!!! Soooo, are they saying a 10 year old can ask for a condom, get "counseling" and the parents need not be notified?? Are you flippin' kidding me?? Why not an 8 year old, or a 6 year old?? See where this slippery slope leads to? Bad enough for the high school kids, but ELEMENTARY SCHOOL???????

There oughta be a law...Oh wait - there is!! M.G.L. Chapter 265, Sections 13B and 13L So does this mean the faculty is aiding and abetting a felony?

Seriously folks - what the HELL is this world coming to?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Government Efficiency

Nearly 1,300 prison inmates wrongly received more than $9 million in tax credits for homebuyers despite being locked up when they claimed they bought a home, a government investigator reported Wednesday.

The investigator said 241 of the inmates were serving life sentences.

In all, more than 14,100 taxpayers wrongly received at least $26.7 million in tax credits that were meant to boost the nation's slumping housing markets, said the report by J. Russell George, the Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration.

Some taxpayers received the credit for homes purchased before the tax break was started. In other cases, multiple taxpayers improperly used the same home to claim multiple credits. Investigators found one home that was used by 67 taxpayers to claim credits.
And they want to control our healthcare??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful dads out there! Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stupid. Little. Punks.

This is disappointing on so many levels.

MILWAUKEE - Bay View High School's graduation was held at the U.S. Cellular Arena on Monday night. The graduation ceremony got so out of control that school officials are now changing the way graduation will be held in the future.

"I've never experienced anything like this," Ms. Katie Simon said.

Simon was one of hundreds of family members and loved ones who attended Bay View's graduation. She said things got out of control fast.

'It was such a feeling of nervousness and anxiety and tension and people wondering was there going to be violence over this?" she said.

The disturbance started when several students made hand gestures and danced across the stage to get their diplomas. That's not allowed, so the principal tried to make them start over or get off the stage.

"It was so unruly that people were booing, jeering, and some people actually feared for the safety of the principal," Simon said.

School officials tried, but couldn't get the crowd under control. Valedictorian Lourdes Gil stepped in to help.

"I just asked the parents if they could please be respectful because there were others who were trying to graduate," Gil said.

The ceremony was cut short. Three students didn't get their diplomas, and won't until they meet with the principal.

"We're supporting the decision of the principal and her staff to end the ceremony," MPS spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin said.

MPS officials now say they will change the graduation policy for Bay View because of the problems at Monday night's graduation ceremony. Starting next year the ceremony will be held in the school auditorium and each student will only be allowed to bring two family members.
Thanks to these few jackasses, a very momentous occasion was ruined for so many. A High School graduation happens once in a lifetime. I feel badly for Ms. Gil. To have achieved the honor of valedictorian is a tremendous accomplishment. Because of these few self-centered cretins, the memory will be forever tarnished. Instead of enjoying the moment, she was trying to bring things under control.

And what the hell is with the parents being unruly?? Call me old (actually, don't) but aren't parents supposed to lead by example? It seems like today's parents are just as out of control as their children, which of course, is why the kids act like such idiots.

So because of a few punks, the memory of this high school graduation will be marred for all the rest of the students and their families. But hey! Those little assholes got their moment in the spotlight, right? *sigh*

Monday, June 7, 2010

Star Spangled Banner

While this Marine says second verse, it's actually the fourth. No matter - it gave me goosebumps anyway

AMEN And thank you for your service, sir.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amnesty for All!!

Yup - that's a great idea...

Man charged in deadly crash is in country illegally

Illegal immigrants crime spree

Illegal immigrant rapist had been deported nine times

Impacts of illegal immigrants on crime

Arizona: illegal immigrant crime wave continues

Rancher killed by illegal immigrant

Yeah. I'm pissed. Can anyone...ANYONE...tell me why the hell our leadership is against securing our borders??? Better yet - why don't you explain it to the families of the victims.

Party On!!

I'm so glad the Obamas have the time to relax.
WASHINGTON -- Paul McCartney had been itching to perform a certain song at the White House, and he seized the moment when it arrived.

The former Beatle brought down the house at an East Room concert Wednesday night by belting out "Michelle," aiming its romantic lyrics straight at a first lady named Michelle.

After serenading the first lady with the words, "I love you, I love you, I love you," McCartney joked that he just might be the "first guy ever to be punched out by a president."

The president didn't seem to mind though: He was swaying along to the beat while his wife mouthed the words along with McCartney.

The 90-minute concert was built around Obama's presentation to McCartney of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, awarded by the Library of Congress. The president said McCartney had "helped to lay the soundtrack for an entire generation."

McCartney, 67, said it was a moment like no other.

"I don't think there could be anything more special than to play here," the Englishman said.

And then he volunteered to make it a regular gig.

"Lunchtimes, we could come around," he offered. "We're cheap."

The concert featured an all-star lineup of top performers doing their own interpretations of some of McCartney's greatest hits. McCartney said it was inspiring to see what other people did with his music.

Among those performing were Stevie Wonder, the Jonas Brothers, Faith Hill, Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, Herbie Hancock, White Stripes singer and guitarist Jack White, pianist Lang Lang and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.
I mean it's not like there are any crises to worry about.

Insurance Law = Immigration Law?

Eugene Kane equates the new insurance law with the Arizona immigration law.
Beginning this week, if a police officer stops you while driving, he or she will be able to ask for your official papers.

Shades of Arizona!

But unlike the new Arizona immigration law, this isn't a check on your status as an American citizen; this time it's about auto insurance. The new law allows police to ask for proof of insurance during a traffic stop along with the standard request to see a valid driver's license.

For some people, it's no big deal. But for others, it's yet another way to get into big trouble.

Nichole Yunk, director of the Center for Driver's License Recovery & Employability in Milwaukee, sees problems ahead.

"It will definitely affect the client population we serve," said Yunk in reference to low-income residents with troubled driving records. "We know people will be pulled over and get tickets they can't afford. It's not really a matter of safety; it's about writing tickets."

Milwaukee Police Department spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said police will give drivers a 90-day grace period before implementing the law. Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said his department would provide a grace period until July 1 and decide on a final policy after that date.

That's encouraging. It's my guess if local law enforcement started writing tickets for lack of insurance proof in some parts of Milwaukee today, half the drivers wouldn't have the required paperwork.

Including me. I'm going to have to remind myself to start carrying my insurance card in my car, because it's not something I normally do.

The maximum fine for not having proof of insurance is $500, but Yunk said state officials agreed the average citation would not be more than $50 in most cases, although that's up to the discretion of the officers and judges.

All drivers in Wisconsin need to realize getting behind the wheel of a car can lead to complications if their insurance coverage is not in order.

In other words, get ready to show your papers the next time a cop asks. And, no, you're not in Arizona.
The comparison is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, until June 1, Wisconsin was one of only 2 states that didn’t require liability insurance, the other being New Hampshire. The law did say, however, that if one decided not to carry insurance, one must prove proof of financial responsibility. Yeah – like that happened. When I moved to Wisconsin I was floored to learn that liability insurance coverage was not the law. I've been carrying my insurance card in my wallet since I got a drivers license.

Allow me to tell you a little story. A few years back, my parked car was hit twice in the same parking lot within a span of seven days. Yeah, I know...gotta stop shopping there! Now – the second driver had insurance. Awesome! I got his information, gave him mine, and within two weeks his insurance company paid for my damage. Simple, right?

On the other hand, the first driver who hit me did NOT have insurance. So here’s what happens. I got an estimate for the damages (a little over $1,000) and sent it to her. No response. I had an attorney send her a letter. No response. I offered to settle for $500. No response. So I filed a lawsuit, meaning I had to pay a filing fee. I then had to pay the process server to attempt to serve her. Naturally, this fine, upstanding citizen evaded service. I then had to serve her by publication, which of course involves another cost. Surprisingly, she showed up in court. We did end up settling, however she was going to make very minimal payments each month, which she did for awhile. Then she stopped. I then had a judgment entered against her, sent the paperwork to the DMV and had her license suspended. Eventually I actually did get paid in full plus my costs, but it was a royal pain in the ass, and it took years.

Why didn’t I submit it to my insurance, you ask? Well, unfortunately the way things are right now, I would be penalized for this other driver not having insurance. I would have paid a deductible, and my rates most likely would have gone up. Had it been more extensive damage, I may have had to do that. In this case, however, I didn’t.

Imagine what could have happened if this uninsured driver got in a serious accident and there were injuries to innocent parties? Why should they, or their insurance company, have to bear the cost of that? Why should those who are responsible enough to carry at least liability insurance have to bear the costs of those who are not?

So Mr. Kane and Ms. Yunk, this is not about “writing tickets” or “showing papers”…it’s about being a responsible driver.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Totally Gratuitous Cuteness

I've been a little cranky on this here blog lately, so allow me to present Wiggleworm in all his cuteness!!!

Now if that doesn't make you at least grin a little, you are not human! :)