Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been pretty quiet with respect to what's going on in Wisconsin. I mentioned it in this post, but other than that I haven't really said much. Since that post, the story has gone national and everyone and their brother has put their two cents in, whether they know what they're talking about or not.

When Obamacare was shoved down our collective throats despite the fact the citizens were against it, we heard "elections have consequences". Well, that holds true on both sides of the aisle.

Wisconsin is in a budgetary crisis. The reason for this is the past practices of bowing down to the unions, raising taxes sky high, therefore running businesses out of the state, and when faced with a shortfall, illegally raiding set-aside funds to fill the hole. Scott Walker ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility. He promised to FIX the budget - not put a band-aid on it for a couple of years, but to REPAIR it. Wisconsinites apparently took a shine to this idea, because not only did Scott Walker win the gubenatorial election, but Republicans took over the house and the senate. Now we have an administration that is attempting to do exactly what they promised - repair the budget. Imagine that.

Ahhh - but the democrats don't like that. Previously, their modus operandi would be to whine and cry, and if that didn't work they would resort to thuggery to bend the administration to do their bidding. When this didn't work with Governor Walker, what did they do? They ran away. They skipped town. Now, I don't know about you, but in MY world, things happen in my office that I don't agree with. Frequently. HOWEVER, I'm kinda thinkin' that if I just ran away because I didn't agree with the boss or the majority of the coworkers, I'd be FIRED!!! Yet these senate democrats are, in effect, holding they're breath till they turn blue hoping that the State of Wisconsin will cave. Disgraceful!! They have become an embarrassment. And to have the nerve to call it democracy?? Sounds more to me as if they don't like the way the game is being played so they're taking their ball and going home. What they DIDN'T count on is that they don't have the only ball on the playground.

The fact of the matter is that if the bill doesn't pass today, layoffs will begin. And WHO, pray tell, will they blame that on? Well Walker, of course. They will take NO responsibility for the fact that they are trying to halt the democratic process. That if the layoffs occur, the blame will lay solely on those who decided not to show up for work. Folks - they were elected to do a job, and I don't know that the job description called for them to run away when the going gets tough. I certainly hope that these senators are teaching their children better than that. What kind of example are they setting?

To the Wisconsin 14 - get back to work. You are embarrassing yourselves and you are displaying a gross dereliction of duty. Running away and hiding out in resorts is NOT what you were elected to do.

You are a disgrace.


  1. I'd say they ran off and didn't have the ball, and their fake didn't work.

  2. I'd say their unqualified for the job