Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mike Tate - Are You Serious?

Is this guy for real?
Madison -- State Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate called on Republicans to pay back taxpayers for the cost of running fake Democrats who lost primaries Tuesday.

But a GOP official countered that Democrats ought to bear the costs of the recall elections overall.

Republicans ran fake Democrats, calling them protest candidates, to delay the recall elections that were organized against six GOP senators for their support of Gov. Scott Walker’s legislation ending most collective bargaining by public employees. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that those elections -- which were won Tuesday by the real Democrats -- cost an estimated more than $475,000.

“It is time to officially call for Scott Walker and the Republican party to reimburse the taxpayers for the extra cost they were forced to bear yesterday for these fake candidates,” Tate said.

But John Hogan, who is managing Senate Republicans’ recall efforts, said that Democrats and unions promoted the idea of recalls and should be paying the costs.

“This is all Mike Tate’s doing, so he should pay for the whole thing,” Hogan said.
I have two words for Mr. Tate: Joanne Kloppenburg. Those very same unions who are behind these recalls were also behind Kloppenburg's RIDICULOUS call for a recount in the Supreme Court race, at a cost to the taxpayers which far exceeds the cost of the recall primaries.

I'd also like Mr. Tate to explain why the democrats aren't paying the taxpayers' bill for the protests in Madison. It was THEIR protest - it was the unions shipping people in from other states. It was because of them that extra security had to be present at the Capitol. It was they who vandalized the building and the grounds around it. So why should the taxpayers have to foot the bill?

Mr. Tate - do you not SEE the hypocrisy??? Yes - that was a rhetorical question.

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  1. I've been ranting about this same issue in Michigan... the unnecessary expense of recall campaigns, and who should be held liable for the expense of them. Like Wisconsin, the voters swept out the Democrats everywhere, to give the Republicans total control of the state. As soon as Governor Rick Snyder began enacting the cuts, which the electorate voted Republicans into office for, the Democrats, through their union surrogates, began planning their recall drives of him and many other Republican legislators, mere months into their new terms.

    There should be a cost to the Democrats, who never seem to accept election results, in which they are unsucessful in rigging into the victory column, and unless the cost of these campaigns are laid at the feet of the political saboteurs, this is going to become their everyday strategy everywhere. These fall in the same category as frivious lawsuits. State law regarding recall campaigns need revamping, with front money for the cost of these crybaby reactions borne by the party stimulating them, NOT the taxpayer! Since it isn't fair to stick the taxpayers with the cost of failed political campaigns, you really have to go the whole 9 yards, and ban public employee unions financing political parties through dues money; also taxpayer funded, and inacted without the consent of individual union members.