Friday, November 11, 2011

Corporal Joshua Busch

On this Veterans Day, I bring you the story of Joshua Busch.

Flying in to a valley in Afghanistan's dangerous Kunar province, Busch, a 21-year-old corporal, was the first to hop off the Chinook in the November darkness. On the mission were Busch's platoon of 22 guys plus six Afghan soldiers; another U.S. Army platoon landed a few miles away.

Their task? Find the enemy.

When what was left of his unit flew out of the valley six days later, Busch had assumed command of his platoon, watched his medic and all the Afghan soldiers die, called in airstrikes near his position and helped save the lives of his wounded comrades.
As soldiers began dropping around him, Busch transitioned from being a team leader in charge of three soldiers to platoon leader. Busch immediately began triaging the wounded and calling on the radio for close air support to drop rockets within 150 feet of his platoon's position.

"Josh, all of a sudden he went from in charge of his (team) to in charge of the whole platoon," said Spc. Robert Yates, a member of Busch's platoon.

As he was on the radio, bursts of small-arms fire missed Busch by inches.
The rest is a must read.

Compare this hero to the whining, entitlement-minded, lazy children who are a part of the "occupy" movements across the country. They are basically the same age, yet they are a WORLD apart in mind set. That this soldier has shown such bravery and leadership is is awe inspiring.

Thank you Corporal Busch. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your story. Thank you for your bravery and leadership. God Bless You.

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