Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Obligatory Treyvon Martin Post

I pride myself in the fact that when I'm wrong, I admit it. In this situation, I looked that the facts the MSM presented and was convinced that George Zimmerman was a cold blooded killer. Mind you, I didn't think race really had anything to do with it but nevertheless, I was taken in by what the media was presenting as facts. I can blame the meds I'm taking, I can blame my heavy work schedule, or any number of things, but I won't. I simply made a rookie mistake...a mistake I thought I outgrew ages ago.

As more facts come out, more questions are raised. There are witnesses, videos, pictures, statements, all SORTS of stuff that wasn't initially reported. There is more background into the two key players. Of course, that information should not be used to form an opinion as to this particular case, but human nature will indeed take this into consideration.

We have the typical race baiters, who while trying to become relevant again, are threatening "civil disobedience" and have gone so far as putting a bounty on Mr. Zimmerman's head. There are celebrities, and celebrity has-beens, publishing Mr. Zimmerman's address for all to see. This is not only dangerous, it's criminal. Should anything happen to Mr. Zimmerman by vigilantes who have been thrown into a frenzy by this hysteria, those who fed the fire should also be held liable.

Friends, my point is this. NONE of us know all the facts of this case. We are not being presented with all of the evidence. We are not privy to the investigation. Unless and until we are, cool heads need to prevail. Let the investigations play out and THEN form an opinion as to what really happened that tragic day.

UPDATE: Spike Lee does the right thing.

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