Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Movie Theater Massacre - First thoughts

By now I'm sure you've all heard about the Colorado Movie Theater Massacre which so far left 12 dead and 50 injured.  I realize that everything we're seeing and hearing on the news are preliminary reports, and that much more information will be shared as the investigation continues.  These are just a few initial thoughts that popped into my head while driving to work.

First of all, this was not the usual massacre (if ANY massacre can be labeled "usual") in that the alleged shooter did not blow himself away or commit suicide by cop.  This guy was captured, is in custody, and reportedly talking to the authorities.  Could it be that we'll actually be able to bring the person responsible for this unfathomable crime to justice?  Hear the reasoning behind it?  One can only hope.

Secondly, in this day and age, how in the world did someone get into a movie theater with the following:
  • A gas mask
  • A bullet proof vest
  • At least two cannisters of tear gas (or some sort of gas)
  • Two handguns
  • One rifle
Seriously?  Fortunately, since they were expecting large crowds for this movie premier, they had police around to handle any crowd control issues that may arise.  I believe this is the reason the gunman was captured.  But HOW was he able to get into the theater armed to the teeth?  I imagine answers will be forthcoming.

I heard a report that one of the injured was a 3 month old baby.  This is wrong on SO many levels!  What the HELL kind of parents/guardians would bring an infant to a midnight premier?  a) it's a very LOUD action movie - infants should not be exposed to that level of noise; and b) it's FREAKIN' MIDNIGHT!!!  Were these parents actually that selfish that they brought their child to the movie because they couldn't find a babysitter?  I hope child protective services takes a look at this.

Friends, my heart is heavy.  The world is a very scary place.  Usually we go to the movies to escape the outside world with its many atrocities.  The fact is, there is nowhere we can go and be truly safe.  We hear of shootings in restaurants, places of employment, schools, malls, and now this. 

These are sad, sad times.  Sigh.


  1. "But HOW was he able to get into the theater armed to the teeth?"

    Have you been to a movie theater lately? Exactly who would stop him? The 16 year old boy still wearing braces selling the tickets at the register, or the 15 year old girl tearing the tickets as you go in?

    With regards to everything else... I don't think the solution to the grief of a parent of an injured baby is a visit from the government.

  2. There IS no solution to the grief. However, if those parents hadn't been negligent, that baby would not be injured. He or she would have been safe and sound at home.

  3. Don't blame the victim. The reason the baby was injured was not because the parents went to the movie, but because a deranged psycho went into a movie theater and started shooting.

  4. Never mind that kids were shot. What parent brings a baby or small child to a PG13 movie? At midnight? Where there is such a build up that tickets were going for hundreds. Lines outside the theaters. Police presence needed. You would have to be a complete idiot to take your baby/children to that to begin with.

  5. TSA has been drooling to get their touchy feely's into theaters. False Flag event? ATF was on scene in minutes.