Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lone Survivor - A Review

I'm not really a movie person.  I don't go to the movies for a few reasons.  First, it's outrageously expensive.  I know good and well that I'll be able to see it for free or minimal cost soon enough, and there's usually nothing important enough to me to necessitate paying movie prices.  Secondly, I have a hard time sitting for 2+ hours without the benefit of a pause button.  I just don't have the attention span.  Thirdly, and most importantly, inevitably there will be someone who needs a good smack upside the head.  In case you are unaware, I'm not much of a people person.  ;)

Having said that, I've seen a multitude of interviews with people involved with Lone Survivor.  The actors, the families of the brave men who gave their lives in that mission, and the Lone Survivor himself.  Based on those interviews, I decided to see it.  I experienced quite a few emotions, but surprisingly the one that is most prominent is anger.

There was nothing remotely political about this film, contrary to what some liberal "reviewers" would say.  It was the story about a mission that went bad and the brotherhood of the men involved.  It was very well done, with no political over OR undertones whatsoever.  What I took from the story was how incredibly brave and loyal these men were.  They fought, and when they were backed into a corner they fought harder.  When it seemed they couldn't fight anymore, they continued.  The bonds displayed were awe inspiring.  The mental, physical and emotional strength demonstrated was beyond imagination.  It was humbling to watch.

Now - to the anger.  In what was the pivotal scene in the movie for me...the scene in which "the decision" was made...I saw the pussification of our armed forces.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with the men - it had to do with how the MSM has such influence as to water down our rules of engagement overseas.  The character even called one particular "news" outlet out by name.  SPOILER ALERT!  They discussed the rules of engagement, the fact that there were patriots who were in Leavenworth as a result of doing what these men and women are TRAINED to do, and went back and forth about how the headlines would read should they make certain decisions.

My friends - this is BULLSHIT!!!!  The fact that the pussy assed media in this country can influence life and death decisions overseas is wrong...WRONG!!!!  HOW many of our men and women have died because they have to stop and think rather than just acting on instinct?  Seconds can mean the difference between living and dying. These brave warriors should NOT have to wonder whether or not they will be prosecuted.  They should NOT have to worry about what headlines will be splattered on the masses.  They should worry about one thing and one thing only - doing their jobs.  That's it.  Nothing else should enter into the equation.  As I was pondering the movie on the drive home, I got angrier and angrier.  Some might not even catch the reference in the movie, but it really hit home for me.

I humbly thank the men and women who serve and have served this once great country.  And I pray to the Lord above that it's not too late to save her.


  1. Fighting is tough enough, but with one arm tied behind your back...

    I'm of the VietNam era. We were doing it then, too.

  2. It's absolute insanity. And with the 24/7 news coverage today? *shaking head*