Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Am So Blessed

As I have mentioned, I've been crazy busy lately. In fact, the last few months have just been...nuts. I've been getting things done that need to get done and moving on to the next thing. The problem with that is that I've been doing, but not taking the time for thinking or feeling anything about what it is I'm doing.

For instance, I introduced you to the Elder in this post. He found me, we talked, and the next thing you know I'm hopping on a plane. Got to the airport, rented a car and finally found the hotel. It wasn't until we got to the hotel room, unpacked and settled in that it really hit me what I was doing!! Holy Crap!!! I was going to, in essence, "meet" my biological son. Yes, I had been in contact, but I was going to meet the young man he had become. And his wife?? THAT'S when I got really nervous!!

That's the way things have been going lately. Things will happen, things will get accomplished, what needs to get done will get done, and only later will I really stop to think. Which leads me to the reason I am writing this post.

I had been in contact with the Elder's mom periodically throughout the years. She is a very cool lady. In fact, I remember thinking that had she not been my son's mother, I would've liked to hang with her! In any case, since I've reconnected with him, I've reconnected with her too. She emailed me the other day about a change in the Elder's graduation date. I inquired as to whether she was going down for it. Now, mind you, I was considering going but again, I didn't want to step on any familial toes. She emailed back stating that she was going and would love it if I came too. Cool, I thought. That makes me happy. I really wanted to go, and I'm glad that I have her blessing.

I was away this weekend and it gave me plenty of time to unwind and just "be", without being obliged to "do". And that's when it hit me. Like a brick. There is every chance that when my biological son graduates from basic training, the family supporting him will consist of his wife, their new baby, his mother, his father, and his biological mother. How cool is that?? And how incredibly lucky am I that all those years ago, I chose such fine, fine people to entrust with the life of my son? People who are more than willing to let me be a part of that family? At first I thought of it as having another family...I now think of it as just expanding my family.

Yes, I am truly blessed.

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