Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've always had an issue with people who abuse those who are unable to protect themselves, particularly children, the elderly and animals. Which is why this pisses me off...

Maybe it was nine lives, but one feline is lucky to be alive after he was found with his paws glued to a Minnesota interstate, reported.

A couple saw the cat on the side of the road and thought it had been injured by a car, the reported. But the cat was stuck, though its paw pads were ripped off by the glue when the couple removed him from the road, the site reported.

Members of animal adoption organization, Second Chance Rescue, expressed outrage at the treatment of the cat, which has been named Timothy.

"It's a mouth dropper because you are just like are you kidding me? But they did it," Rosey Quinn, member of Second Chance Rescue, told

Timothy is currently with a foster family as he recovers. Second Chance members say he may be up for adoption eventually.

Seriously??? Why would someone do something so cruel? For grins & giggles?? What kind of jackass would think this sort of thing is funny? I have cats, and I'll admit I sometimes do things that make them look foolish, but NEVER would I think to do anything that would hurt ANY animal.

The scary thing is that any person whose twisted mind would think of something like this is capable of much worse.


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  1. Outraged! Instant Karma's going to get that cruel asshole.