Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Really Quite Sad

Yesterday, I saw a video that really moved me, so I posted it here. This evening, I watched it again and I started thinking (No Kate, I didn't hurt myself), and what crossed my mind really bothered me.

When I first watched the video, I was, quite frankly, overwhelmed by it. However the second time I watched it, my thoughts wandered a bit. Yeah, I know...big surprise. ANYWAY, one of my first thoughts was wondering how long until someone from Freedom From Religion (And NO, I will NOT link to them on this blog) will sue whatever organization was responsible for this heartwarming moment for "forcing" Christian religion on unsuspecting patrons of the mall.

Without getting into my personal views on this disgusting group, what I find quite sad is that during this wonderous season, the thought popped into my little brain and took root.

I really miss the country in which I grew up.


  1. I choose not to participate in their PC BS! Sometimes, if we just do what we do, and go about our merry way, walk away from the flies circling their sh*t, swat 'em now and then, they might go away. Paying attention to them gives them power. None of deserve that power. They create nothing but chaos....and that's only if we let 'em. I ain't gonna let 'em! I'll say MERRY CHRISTmas! And they can bite my hinder. :)

  2. Well said my friend!!! It just bothers me that so many are caving into the PC bullshit. Since when did one voice have so much power?? Ugh. Don't get me started! LOL