Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Special Place in Hell - Part 1,502,307

Missouri Man Allegedly Admits to 500 Instances of Child Rape and Molestation
A Missouri neighborhood is stunned after police say a man admitted to more than 500 instances of statutory rape and child molestation, reports.

Corey Brown, 45, of Lake Saint Louis, allegedly confessed to sexually abusing two girls over the course of three years, beginning when the children were 8 and 9 years old.

Police say the confession came while Brown was being treated in a hospital this month after attempting suicide, according to the website. Authorities then launched an investigation into the alleged abuse.

"I feel so bad because those girls had to go through that," neighbor Jackie Binz told the website. "I could've done something if I had known."

"The girls were so polite and cheerful," added Binz.

The mother of the victims was not aware of the alleged abuse, according to police.

Brown is being charged with 10 counts of child molestation, statutory rape and statutory sodomy.

He remains in custody as his victims undergo counseling, the website reports.
This makes me physically ill. How can that to a child? And for years?? While part of me wishes he would have been successful in his suicide attempt, had that happened this wouldn't have been discovered and those poor girls wouldn't be getting the help that they undoubtedly need.

My hope now is that he is convicted of these heinous crimes, gets the maximum sentence, and his fellow inmates do to him exactly what he did to those girls. Now THAT would be justice!!!

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