Monday, March 28, 2011

Wisconsin Teachers

Okay, we've all heard the whining and complaining from the teachers about how they're going to lose their house, lose their car, starve and be homeless. Click on this link to see what those teachers REALLY earn.

Yeah - I feel SO sorry for them.


  1. i used this link and the link on belling's site. both times i used the name of someone i had went to HS with. she and i have been having some interesting conversation about teacher salaries. got the same answer both times. she said it was DEAD WRONG!
    wanna hear the really sick part?
    the reason it was wrong.
    her excuse was...
    wait for it...
    wait for it..
    "A KUSD teacher's starting salary in 1994 was $24,300."
    whiskey. tango. foxtroting. foxtrot.

  2. sorry, that didnt make sense.
    when i looked her up, it said her salary was Salary $20,697 and the fringe was $33,813. this one says that her salary is 26k/33K.
    something isnt right just yet..