Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Wishes for a Good Friend: Updated

Just a shout out sending prayers and good wishes to one of the most irritating, stubborn, smart-assed, patriotic and awesome people I know. Yep - I'm talkin' about Kate. She is in surgery as we speak (or at least she's supposed to be) having a total knee replacement. I know she's nervous about this, but it's a good thing. Seriously y'all - walking with Kate is like walking with a one legged duck. Trust me, I know.

ANYWAY if you're of a mind to, send some prayers, good wishes, good thoughts, whatever it is you do her way. And ya might want to include Mr. Ol' Broad in those prayers - I have a feeling Kate's gonna be a HUGE pain in the hinder for awhile. :)

Update: Well, our favorite Ol' Broad made it through surgery. She was at the hospital at 6:00 a.m...and didn't go into surgery until a little after 3:00. Now, anyone who knows Kate will appreciate this sentiment: For the sake of everyone within a 50 mile radius, I hope they had her really, REALLY tranquilized. That woman can get ORNERY...even more so than I. Of course, she has had a LOT more time to practice. Heh.

Anyway, she should be moving up to her room soon and is expected to be in the hospital for a few days. I'll let y'all know when I learn anything new.


  1. Get well soon! I hope the new knee's the bee's knees.

  2. My friend's hubby just had 2 knees replaced.Ouch!But after physical therapy and recovery,hope Kate's knee feels MUCH better!!God help those nurses who first try to get her up to walk.:)

  3. Now THAT's the truth - hope those nurses get hazardous duty pay! :)