Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get to Have???

I was reading this article in the paper and a quote jumped off the page, hit me between the eyes and made my head explode. This was said by Khalil Coleman, Community Organizer and spokesman for Occupy Milwaukee.

"We're fighting for the 99% of people against the wealthiest 1% who get to have everything while everybody else suffers," he said. "It's about educating people and making them aware of what's going on"

Get to have? GET to have?? And how, Mr. Coleman, do you think they "get to have" the wealth? Perhaps by working their ASSES off for it? While all you professional protesters are busy organizing, sitting in, tuning out, protesting, or whatever the hell you do all day every day, MOST of us are busting our humps working and trying to live within our means with what money is left after the various municipalities and governmental agencies take whatever they can get. And we attempt, with whatever is left, to plan for our future, our retirement, our children's higher education. For we, you see, are NOT counting on handouts from the government. We believe that our lives and our futures are up to US - not some feel good agency.

I find it rather ironic that y'all sit there and tweet, facebook, youtube about the loss of Steve Jobs on your Iphones, Ipads and the like while wanting to take down wall street, stop corporate greed, redistribute wealth, or whatever the hell you're trying to do. Mr. Jobs was the ultimate capitalist. What do you think would have happened in the 70's and 80's if society was the way you wish it to be? Do you seriously think Steve Jobs and Apple would be where they are today if the government tried to get their sticky little paws on his "wealth"? What motivation would there be for creating new technology, for employing key people? Apple employs approximately 50,000 people worldwide. Do you seriously think that the company would be where it is today if the government thought it better to take the wealth rather than let Steve Jobs continue to use his brilliance and foresight to advance the world of technology?

Get a freakin' grip. How DARE you suggest, you little twits, that it is good and right to take from people who have EARNED, and give it to people who are too damned lazy, or too busy PROTESTING, to earn an honest living. And how badly are you REALLY "suffering"...with your latest and greatest of technoligical advances.

Get to have. Kiss my hard working ASS.


  1. I wonder what Eugene will think when those people come for him. I mean...once we kill the top 1%, then it will be the next most wealthy and the next, and the next until it's down to folks like you and me and....wait for it....Eugene. Class warfare must have an enemy and that enemy will always be the one who has more. I wonder if people really "get" that.

  2. They OBVIOUSLY don't get that - or anything ELSE!! This is just PISSING me off!!!

  3. Rely on a big centralized government for your handout and you get to suffer Khilal.