Thursday, October 13, 2011

In My Happy Place

You may have noticed I've not been posting a whole heckuva lot lately. Well, on second thought, you probably HAVEN'T noticed. In any event, I recently had a major health scare which took precedent over the goings on locally, nationally and over this blog. The health scare is over, but I'm still finding the news to be depressing if not downright infuriating. And what does CFR do when she gets to that point? Why - I go to my happy place of course!!
Wiggleworm and the Elder
Isn't he just the cutest? (not that I'm biased)
TSC and Wiggleworm
The Boy getting ready for his first Homecoming. I decided not to post a pic of the Boy with his girlfriend unless/until I get permission from her first, but take my word for it friends - she's a hottie!
There now. I feel better. Hope y'all got a smile or two out if it! :)

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