Monday, December 3, 2012

Visiting the Elder & Family

In this post I shared the good news the the Elder was done with his first tour of Afghanistan, and was back home (in Germany) with TSC and Wiggleworm. Well my friends, I'm happy to share even better news - they're back on American soil! They are stationed in the good old U S of A for now. Naturally, I couldn't WAIT to see them...after all, it had been over two and a half years! I practiced an amazing feat of self-restraint and let them settle in a bit before I descended upon them. Early last month I got a chance to spend a few days with my lovely family.

Mommy & Daddy with Wiggleworm

He's grown up SOOO much!

Grape scented bubbles  :)

Will you LOOK at those eyelashes

Grandma Crazy and Wiggleworm

To say that I enjoyed this visit would be a gross understatement.  My little Wiggleworm is, dare I say, the cutest damned kid EVAH...such a joy to be around.  And the Elder & TSC are such awesome parents.  I can't WAIT to go visit them again...and I'm determined to do so as soon as it's feasible with my work & home schedule.  I'd like to get at least one more visit in before the Elder deploys again.  The only consolation to that is TSC and Wiggleworm will remain in the States.  

Again I thank you for all the prayers you sent while he was deployed and they were overseas.  I hope these pictures bring at least a little smile to your face.  :)


  1. Second cutest. First in his age range! LOL Can't believe how big he's gotten!!! Make it stop!!

  2. I'm TRYING to make it stop! He's not listening to me...