Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drinking Right - Fat Tuesday Style

Most of you know that I attend Drinking Right, which is a group of some of the best conservative bloggers Southeastern Wisconsin has to offer. I know what you're thinking - I think they let me in just to throw some estrogen into the mix. Anyway, we meet the second Tuesday of every month at Papa's Social Club. If you recall, the second Tuesday of this month we were being pounded by a blizzard, so the powers that be decided we'd meet on the third Tuesday, which also happens to be Fat Tuesday. Papa's throws a Fat Tuesday party every year. Let the party begin!

Normally, the drinking right crowd is provided pizza and garlic bread which, by the way, is outstanding!! Since this was the Fat Tuesday party, a cajun buffet was being offered. Now call me ignorant, but I was thinking jambalaya, gumbo, that sort of thing. Oh was I wrong!!! We get up to the buffet, I see some rice and! I like that. Then come the frog legs and the crawfish. Okey dokey then - I'm game - I'm willing to try anything.

First the frog far as taste is concerned, they really aren't all that bad. However, I couldn't get past the fact that they looked like frog butts as opposed to frog legs. Don't believe me? Take a gander...

The picture was gleefully swiped from the awesomeness that is Sara's blog.

Okay then - on to the crawfish. I gotta tell you - I tried. I REALLY tried. Yes, I know that crawfish are in the lobster family. Yes, I know that MANY people love them. But honestly, I have to tell you that I acted like a total girly girl. I picked that sucker up, shuddered a few times, tried to get it near my mouth, and promptly squealed and dropped it. (So did Sara, so I'm not alone) I just couldn't do it. In fact, it was giving us the such a case of the heebeejeebees that we had to put them in an empty beer glass and place said glass where we couldn't see it. Final verdict - crawfish look like large red cockroaches.

Yeah - would YOU eat that?!

All that said, despite the crawfish incident *shudder* and being groped/mauled/violated at the bar by some drunk asshat while trying to get a beer, I had a BLAST!! I was with some of my favorite people in a place I feel very comfortable having a great time. I've often said that once I got to know these bloggers, I've somehow gained a whole gaggle of annoying, exasperating big brothers who I love to death. :) Yeah - good times!


  1. You didn't officially earn those beads. Sorry, Jamie. It's the truth. She didn't even TRY!

    Just kidding. Great to hang out with you guys.

  2. Blech. I saw the frog legs. Sam made them talk to me. I didn't see the roach until now. I'm giving up roach for lent.

  3. Ugh - I'm giving up roaches forEVER!!

    BTW - Bruce? Just how do you know what went on after you left? LOL

  4. Had to frog legs because Chris legs were off the menu until next month. They'll be great with the pizza & garlic bread. A total yum fest.

  5. OMG Sam - you totally made me LOL - to the point of choking!!! ((hugs))

  6. and, we were flashed by Nick. Which I could done without.

  7. Oh mercy - nearly forgot about that. Thank you SO much for reminding me!! :P

  8. Why do you think they call them "mudbugs":)
    I used to play in a Cajun band. They'd serve
    crawfish. We never got long enough breaks to get enough to eat. They do taste great - it just takes too long to fill up. Give another chance sometime.

  9. Damn. And I thought I was a wuss! Lotta work, but dang, they are goooooooood eatin'! :)