Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Happy Ending

Many of you know that I am a cat lover. In fact, it's been said that the only think keeping me from becoming a "crazy cat lady" is hubby, who has this ridiculous idea that three cats are enough. Hmmmm - y'all are probably right. Behold King Simba with his subjects Gertie and Abby. Simba is the gray and white one on the left, Gertie is on top of the chair and Abby is underneath the chair.

Rough life, ain't it!?

So where am I going with this? Patience Grasshoppers!!

Sometime mid-last week as I drove in the driveway, I saw a cat who I assumed was Simba sitting on the sidewalk. As I drove up it ran away. When I opened the door to the house, there was Simba waiting to get out. My analytical mind then brought me to the conclusion that the cat on the sidewalk was NOT in fact Simba. I know - I'm brilliant, right? Anyhoo, the next day I was going into the garage for something, and I see kitty eyes looking out from under some boxes. Long story short, kitty had taken to living in our garage. Naturally I put some food and water out for it.

In the next few days I checked various sources to see if anyone had lost a cat. I hadn't really gotten a good look at the little thing yet, only to see that it was a long hair gray and white. On Saturday, the Boy was asking if we could bring it in the house...he thought it was too cold outside.

Me: It's not that cold in the garage. The Boy: Mom, the water we left out froze.

Okey dokey then...I told him to ask his father what to he wanted to do. I did NOT want to get the blame if we ended up keeping this feline. We brought fuzzball into our master bathroom, and needless to say hubby made it crystal clear that we are NOT keeping this cat. So what to do? I put a picture of this little fuzzball up on Twitter and asked if anyone was looking for a sweet kitty. Because, in fact, this little thing was a doll!! Even hubby was kinda getting sweet on her. As she warmed up to us, we could see that her fur was matted and dirty, and she was simply skin and bones. I have NO idea how long she was out there.

To make a (not so long anymore) story shorter, an excellent blogger who I am also proud to call friend, Peter, is now the proud owner of a darling little fuzzball. I understand fuzzball is doing quite well.

It makes me smile when all things come together to form a happy ending!! :)


  1. If "Fuzzball" was in China, his name might have been "Dinner"". Yes a happy ending for this American cat.

  2. At our house, the cat would have been named "Dog Toy"

  3. Hey Shoe- my Simba would do some serious damage to your dog...might not win, but some your dog would be embarrassed! :P

    Tom - did you hear they're trying to change things in China to disallow eating dogs & cats? ;)

  4. The Hubby's a hard hearted ol' dude, isn't he. LOL You must not whine as well as I do. :P Well, glad you found the pile of fur a home. Perhaps it's fate for Peter? :)

  5. Quite honestly, had we not found a home for fuzzball, I'm certain we'd have 4 cats again. Even hubby was getting sweet on her!! LOL