Monday, February 15, 2010

What a Waste

This story is just so sad.

A 23-year-old woman killed outside her Orlando office by a stalker had asked for a protective order but was denied, reported.

Alissa Branton, 23, reportedly turned in more than 70 pages of documents, some e-mails from the stalker, to a judge. The judge denied the request and scheduled a hearing for next week, reported.

Police say Roger Troy, 61, fatally shot Branton and then fatally shot himself in an AT&T call center parking lot, when she returned from her lunch break. Her co-workers placed calls to 911 describing the scene.

"This gentlemen just shot this woman several times, and then he shot himself," said another caller, who was clearly flustered and confused. "Can we tell if they're breathing?" asked the 911 dispatch operator. "Oh my God. I don't know, ma'am. I can't go closer," the caller responds.

MyFoxOrlando: LISTEN TO THE 911 CALL

Branton and her husband, Brent, both worked at the AT&T building where the shooting happened

You can read more detailed information here.

My first question is why was she denied a TRO? I know that Temporary Restraining Orders are given out as a matter of course. A complaining witness will file for a TRO, and based on witness testimony, a judge usually enters a TRO, with an evidentiary hearing date within the week. I am very well aware that some people file for TROs for a variety of nefarious reasons, such as getting a leg-up in a custody hearing, for revenge, etc. If the case against the defendant is not solid, the TRO will be dismissed at the hearing. If there's convincing evidence, a protective order will be put in place.

So while I understand that we don't like to clog up the court system, in my opinion, it is MUCH better to err on the side of caution in situations like this! Not only did this victim have her testimony and most likely that of others, she had DOCUMENTATION. I simply cannot understand why the judge didn't issue the order!! So far I've not been able to find out anything about the judge...a name, his/her record...but I'm going to keep looking. It's my humble opinion that Ms. Branton's blood is at least partially on the judge's hand.

Admittedly, a TRO is just a piece of paper. It certainly can't stop a bullet. Would this maniac have tried this if the judge had issued the order? Sadly, we'll never know. What I DO know is that the order should have been issued. This woman was obviously in danger, and afraid for her life.

And while I think this piece of pond scum is a coward for killing himself, I thank God that the taxpayers will not have to bear the expense of a trial, where there is every chance he could somehow walk. At least now he's exactly where he belongs...burning in hell.

Prayers to the husband (they were only married 6 months) and all the family and friends of this victim. Oh yeah - and judge? I hope you can sleep at night...NOT!!


  1. The judge's name is John Dean Moxley, circuit court judge for Brevard County.

  2. You rock!! Thank you - I'm gonna do some digging...learned some new info today...