Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now THIS I can get behind!!

Why hasn't anyone brought this up before?
New York City should throw a ticker-tape parade up the "Canyon of Heroes" for the U.S. troops coming home from Iraq, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said Wednesday. But with nearly 50,000 troops still serving in Iraq, it is a question of when.

The soldiers deserve the nation's thanks and a grand parade up Broadway, Quinn said. "It's something we need to do," said the West Side Democrat. "We owe them minimally a thank you in the New York way that we do it which is in part a parade in the Canyon of Heroes."

Quinn said she hopes the parade can be held sooner rather than later, but points out that 48,000 troops are still serving in Iraq even after President Obama declared an end to combat operations. Quinn said she defers to veterans groups and others as to when such a parade should be held. "I will certainly use the power and resources of my office to whatever degree they are needed to make sure this does happen."

A spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg declined to comment on whether the city is making plans to hold a parade for military service members. One City Hall source said the Mayor has been reaching out to various groups to explore how best to proceed.

"The troops without a doubt deserve it more than the Yankees and the Giants. If there is a grander gesture, I would want the city to make it," Quinn said. "The most respectful thing we can do is look to (the soldiers) to guide us when the right time is."

Quinn said she spoke with various veterans groups and some said a parade should not be held 'today.' Timing for any possible parade will rest heavily on the Mayor and the military about when troops who had served in Iraq could come to New York to take part.

Congressman Peter King (R) Long Island tells NBCNewYork that he also wants a parade for the troops up Broadway. King said one should be held in the near future to show support for the troops now that combat operations in Iraq have ended.
I think it's an exceptional idea for New York to honor the troops in this way.


  1. Yes,great, HONOR the TROOPS - this DEM just wants to get re-elected. Then she'll ask Nancy "how high should I jump?" I hope no one falls for this.

  2. Darlin', you know I adore you, but in my opinion, the motivations behind this don't matter. As long as the troops get honored, I'm okay with it.