Friday, May 6, 2011

Brennan Daigle - The Littlest Soldier - Update

In this post I talked about Brennan Daigle and what an inspiration he was. Just now I got a comment on that post with an update.
Community members remember 10 year-old Brennan Daigle who lost his battle to brain cancer early Thursday morning.

The Ward 6 Fire Department lined American flags along Brennan's pink army truck in honor of his strength through the battle.

Classmates, friends, and community members left heartwarming messages on Brennan's pink army truck at his home.

"We're always going to miss him," said Kaleb Mouton, Brennan's friend. "He was a very good friend to all of us."

Mouton said Brennan taught him how to be strong through any situation.

"He didn't let the cancer stop him from doing anything," said Mouton. "And he used God to give him strength."

"He was such an inspiration to all of the kids at school," said Amanda Dickerson, Brennan's teacher.

Brennan's strength went much farther than the Westlake Community, however.

"He inspired people around the world on his Facebook page," said Abbie Miller, a sophomore at Westlake High School. "He was very strong, stronger than what any of us could ever think of being."

"Everybody was just so proud of him for the little soldier that he is, a little soldier of God," said Dickerson.
Thank you Bonnie for the update. And God Bless little Brennan - he was an inspiration to many. Heartfelt prayers are going out to the friends and family of Brennan - God's littlest soldier.

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