Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Death Photo

Debates are raging all over the internet as to whether or not the White House should release "the death photo" of bin Laden. I've foolishly gotten sucked into a few of these debates, and I must say some of the ghoulishly voyeuristic comments I've seen disgust me. Sure, there have been some valid points made, but the name calling and the bloodlust is quite disconcerting.

I am against releasing these photos for one simple reason. The safety of our troops. Remember when that jackass of a "pastor" burned the Qu'ran? There were deadly consequences to our troops, many of which were not reported by the MSM. I am very well aware that the killing of bin Laden will likely result in retaliatory strikes. Releasing the photograph(s) will almost certainly result in an even more dangerous situation.

But Chris - the photos will eventually get leaked, right?

I can say with near certainty that they will. HOWEVER, in my humble opinion, that is much different than our administration publishing them. If we release those photos we are knowingly putting our men and women of the military even greater danger. That is the downside of releasing the photos. So what would be the downside to NOT publishing them? And why are people so rabid to see them? To "prove" he's dead? Oh please - get real. Those who doubt will likely always doubt. They'll question the authenticity of any pictures that are released.

I believe that the powers that be weighed the risks against the rewards, and in this case made the correct decision. So I'll say something I never thought I'd say - Kudos to you Mr. President. You made the right choice.

Note: I'm doing something I've never done before - I'm turning off the comments. I will NOT get sucked into any more debates on this issue. I'm just stating my opinion in this post - not asking for any others.