Monday, May 2, 2011

There IS a difference

There's been a lot of chatter going around the internet that celebrating bin Laden's death makes us no different from those who celebrated after 9/11. I found this over at Just a Few Facts:
I understand why people went to the streets to celebrate Bin Laden's death, I truly do, but do any of you recall the supporters of Bin Laden going to the streets to celebrate the deaths of 9-11? What is the difference between us now? I am glad the evil of Bin Laden is off this earth, but as a country, we scream to anyone that listens that we are a civilized, christian type people, what I saw last night, not so much.
In this post I mention that I'm conflicted in my feelings about this. But I must point out a distinct difference in the two scenarios. Those who celebrated in the streets after 9/11 were celebrating the slaughter of thousands of innocent lives. We are "celebrating" the death of the one responsible for that slaughter and is in no way, shape or form innocent.

I honestly can't say that I'm "celebrating" the fact that this monster has assumed room temperature. I was thinking about it and I think what I feel is relief. Relief that there is finally justice for the thousands of victims of 9/11. Relief that this cretin will no longer be plotting and planning to do as much harm as possible to anyone and everyone whose beliefs differ from his.

Make no mistake here my friends - this is NOT over because he's dead. The threat continues and there may be serious backlash as a result. But knowing that the mastermind of such pure unadulterated evil makes me sleep just a little better at night.


  1. I agree with u for the most part ( I have to say most part because I have to leave the door open for debate) I am just or was disappointed that those who were upset with those who danced in the street after 9-11 happened, did the exactly the same thing. Yes, be happy a very evil person is gone, I just wish some didn't stoop to their level.

  2. NO NEED TO apologize for celebrating the demise of evil...excellent work! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  3. We didn't stoop to their level. Come on. Osama attacked America unprovoked. He went after INNOCENT people. People who were just going about their daily doings. We searched our pants off for Osama, and he damn well knew we were looking for him. Because of what he decided to start on September 11th, thousands more had to die and thousands on top of that were maimed. If Americans were in the streets, cheering after we accidentally bombed & killed thousands of innocent victims in Pakistan, then yes, I agree with you. But we are not. We are celebrating the end of a reign of terror named Bin Laden. A rein of America looking like an ass for not being able to find him. Do not compare American's elated emotions over that to the evil in the Middle East. If you aren't with us, you're against us.

  4. We stooped to their level by celebrating death, one of thousands of them, either one, its not right.

  5. Hey JTF - going back to your first comment - You? Debate? How surprising! ;)

  6. Hey, JTF, who will now be referred to as Sappy McSapperton......I'll try to find Bin Laden's next of kin so you can send them a floral arrangement to let them know you're grieving their loss. Maybe you can set up a scholarship fund in his name. Or perhaps run a 5K in his honor. Give me a break. If you mourn the man who is the reason over 6,000 Americans are dead and thousand more are maimed, you're an idiot.......a scary, scary idiot. Also go find yourself a country that doesn't fight back when attacked on it's own soil unprovoked. This is AMERICA. We're not wimps.

  7. Sara.....I very happy that that evil is gone, you are missing the point. If you are going to just see it your way and see and read what you want, I cant help you, if you are going to do the typical name calling BS, then all I can say is grow up.

    While I understand your passion its flawed and seeded with hate, just like OBL, you might want to look in the mirror one day, you might be surprised or sadden what you see.

  8. One last point, I was not thrilled to see people dancing in the streets last night, know what, because people like you were going insane when they did it on 9-11, but yet, WHEN OBL GETS WHAT HE DESERVED, people cant wait to act like those who they despise, makes perfect if you are idiot I guess.

  9. I'm going to totally agree with Sara, and yet partially agree with JTF.Rejoice that OBL is dead. Raise your glass in toast to the team that took him. He was an evil bastard that deserved death, and his death is a psychological victory for our side. But return to serious ASAP. We have a LOT more to do yet. I must agree with whoever it was that said there will be no victory until they love their children more than they hate us.

  10. Dear Sappy McSapperton,
    I'm sorry my totally silly "name calling" offended you so. Perhaps it's because your thought process of how to work out real world issues is still stuck on the playground. It's a joke. Google "joke" & get back to me.

    Stating my passion is flawed and "filled with hate" is not only offensive to me, but to those who have been serving in the Middle East for the past 9years. This is an except from an email I received from my friend who is stationed in Afghanistan. He is in the Army and has served for over 23 years.

    "I am very busy today myself and am very ecstatic about this whole thing. I am so happy for all of the American citizens who lost their lives on 9/11 and also for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who have either lost their lives or have been injured for the cost of freedom....The atmosphere here is very electrifying and Soldiers are really enjoying the good press that all Americans should enjoy...I hope there are late nite parades all across America and am very energized even more so than I already have been."

    So I guess he & all his fellow Soldiers are also idiots and seeded with all their flawed passion.

  11. While I enjoy the debate, I must add that my soldier said "we don't give a fuck - the mission is still the same. Doesn't change a thing"

    Just sayin'

  12. His death means nothingMay 3, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    Not all soldiers feel that way, most dont give an f and understand this changes NOTHING! The mission over there had nothing to do with osama. His death is just going to heat things up and cause more trouble

    And celebrating in the street is not a good thing. It's similar to that crazy guy who burned the Qur'an. And what did that do? Got 3 people murdered from the base my family member is at, and numerous other solders killed. I hope and pray no soldier's get killed because of people who celebrated osama's death in public.