Monday, May 23, 2011


This little corner of the blogosphere sends heartfelt prayers to those in Joplin, MO after the horrendous destruction from the tornado. Prayers for the dead, the wounded, and ALL affected by this tragedy. I have a feeling they're gonna need all they can get as the devastation mounts. If you can spare a dollar or two, you can donate to help those in Missouri try to piece their lives back together here. If you don't, prayers sure can't hurt.


Friday, May 20, 2011

What a Guy

This makes me smile...
One Ohio little leaguer got a big league surprise during his game.

Cincinnati Reds All-Star Brandon Phillips showed up to a little league baseball game Thursday night after 14-year-old Connor Echols tweeted him, asking him to come.
Phillips said he wouldn't mind going to another little league game.

"It was just something that was real nice. I can see myself doing it again," he told the Enquirer.
Go read the whole thing.

In this day and age, when most news of athletes is about how they are behaving badly, I tip my hat to Mr. Phillips. Class act.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's About Damned Time!

Voter ID Passes
Madison - Senate Republicans approved requiring people to show photo ID at the polls amid a cacophonous vote Thursday, with eight Democrats not even voting on the measure in protest and because of confusion over how the proceedings were conducted.

Immediately afterward, the crowd in the Senate gallery thundered with chants of "Shame!" as Republicans exited the chamber. Later, they chanted, "Recall!" and sang, "We Shall Overcome."
We Shall Overcome? Are you SERIOUS?? I actually find that quite offensive.
"Requiring photo identification to vote will go a long way to eliminate the threat of voter fraud," Walker said in a statement. "If you need an ID to buy cold medicine, it's reasonable to require it to vote."

But Democrats decried the measure, saying it would do little to prevent voter fraud while disenfranchising thousands of minority, elderly and rural voters.

"This is voter suppression," said Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee). "This is voter disenfranchisement. This is voter confusion. This is voter restriction. This is a voter discouragement bill."
Oh PULEEZ. How many of those who are said to be "disenfranchised" do NOT have an ID? We need an ID for nearly EVERYTHING these days. You wanna buy benadryl? ID please. Write a check? ID please. Rent a movie? ID please.

So why do the Democrats have such a problem with having to actually prove you are who you say you are in order to vote?? Fraud. MASSIVE fraud. There is no other reason why this bill has been brought up so many times, and has been vetoed by the former governor "Diamond Jim Doyle" just as many times. It's the ONLY reason that the thought of having to prove that you have the right to vote in a particular polling location makes their heads explode.

Thank you Governor Walker. It's nice to know that I will no longer be "disenfranchised" when my LEGAL vote is voided by a fraudulent vote.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Poem

This is a poem written by a friend I knew decades ago and with whom I've recently re-connected. Back in the day, Daryl was an aspiring singer/songwriter. I'm pleased to see he's realized that dream. Please go check out his stuff here.

Here's wishing all of you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brennan Daigle - The Littlest Soldier - Update

In this post I talked about Brennan Daigle and what an inspiration he was. Just now I got a comment on that post with an update.
Community members remember 10 year-old Brennan Daigle who lost his battle to brain cancer early Thursday morning.

The Ward 6 Fire Department lined American flags along Brennan's pink army truck in honor of his strength through the battle.

Classmates, friends, and community members left heartwarming messages on Brennan's pink army truck at his home.

"We're always going to miss him," said Kaleb Mouton, Brennan's friend. "He was a very good friend to all of us."

Mouton said Brennan taught him how to be strong through any situation.

"He didn't let the cancer stop him from doing anything," said Mouton. "And he used God to give him strength."

"He was such an inspiration to all of the kids at school," said Amanda Dickerson, Brennan's teacher.

Brennan's strength went much farther than the Westlake Community, however.

"He inspired people around the world on his Facebook page," said Abbie Miller, a sophomore at Westlake High School. "He was very strong, stronger than what any of us could ever think of being."

"Everybody was just so proud of him for the little soldier that he is, a little soldier of God," said Dickerson.
Thank you Bonnie for the update. And God Bless little Brennan - he was an inspiration to many. Heartfelt prayers are going out to the friends and family of Brennan - God's littlest soldier.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Death Photo

Debates are raging all over the internet as to whether or not the White House should release "the death photo" of bin Laden. I've foolishly gotten sucked into a few of these debates, and I must say some of the ghoulishly voyeuristic comments I've seen disgust me. Sure, there have been some valid points made, but the name calling and the bloodlust is quite disconcerting.

I am against releasing these photos for one simple reason. The safety of our troops. Remember when that jackass of a "pastor" burned the Qu'ran? There were deadly consequences to our troops, many of which were not reported by the MSM. I am very well aware that the killing of bin Laden will likely result in retaliatory strikes. Releasing the photograph(s) will almost certainly result in an even more dangerous situation.

But Chris - the photos will eventually get leaked, right?

I can say with near certainty that they will. HOWEVER, in my humble opinion, that is much different than our administration publishing them. If we release those photos we are knowingly putting our men and women of the military even greater danger. That is the downside of releasing the photos. So what would be the downside to NOT publishing them? And why are people so rabid to see them? To "prove" he's dead? Oh please - get real. Those who doubt will likely always doubt. They'll question the authenticity of any pictures that are released.

I believe that the powers that be weighed the risks against the rewards, and in this case made the correct decision. So I'll say something I never thought I'd say - Kudos to you Mr. President. You made the right choice.

Note: I'm doing something I've never done before - I'm turning off the comments. I will NOT get sucked into any more debates on this issue. I'm just stating my opinion in this post - not asking for any others.

Monday, May 2, 2011

There IS a difference

There's been a lot of chatter going around the internet that celebrating bin Laden's death makes us no different from those who celebrated after 9/11. I found this over at Just a Few Facts:
I understand why people went to the streets to celebrate Bin Laden's death, I truly do, but do any of you recall the supporters of Bin Laden going to the streets to celebrate the deaths of 9-11? What is the difference between us now? I am glad the evil of Bin Laden is off this earth, but as a country, we scream to anyone that listens that we are a civilized, christian type people, what I saw last night, not so much.
In this post I mention that I'm conflicted in my feelings about this. But I must point out a distinct difference in the two scenarios. Those who celebrated in the streets after 9/11 were celebrating the slaughter of thousands of innocent lives. We are "celebrating" the death of the one responsible for that slaughter and is in no way, shape or form innocent.

I honestly can't say that I'm "celebrating" the fact that this monster has assumed room temperature. I was thinking about it and I think what I feel is relief. Relief that there is finally justice for the thousands of victims of 9/11. Relief that this cretin will no longer be plotting and planning to do as much harm as possible to anyone and everyone whose beliefs differ from his.

Make no mistake here my friends - this is NOT over because he's dead. The threat continues and there may be serious backlash as a result. But knowing that the mastermind of such pure unadulterated evil makes me sleep just a little better at night.


When I first learned the bin Laden was killed, my reaction was joy. Then for a moment I chastised myself - how can a Christian rejoice in the death of another human being? And then I remembered this:
and I figured God would give me a pass this time.

My prayers continue for our men and women serving this country and I pray that there will be no serious retaliation as a result of the death of this tyrant.