Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am I Suprised?

Does this really surprise anyone?
RACINE COUNTY - Officials say they have uncovered "massive" fraud in the state Food Shares program, involving the stealing and selling of food cards.

"The fraud in Food Shares is rampant," said County Executive William McReynolds.

Recent investigations into highly publicized fraud against the Wisconsin Shares child care program led the Racine County Anti-Fraud Task Force to uncover widespread fraud against the Food Shares program, which provides families in need with cards that allow them to purchase food.

Racine County District Attorney Michael Nieskes said investigators from the Racine County Sheriff's Department and Racine Police Department have been working on multiple Food Shares fraud cases for the past four weeks.

Because the investigations are ongoing, Nieskes didn't disclose whom they think is committing the fraud. He said it involves the buying, selling and stealing of Food Shares Quest cards.

"It's massive," McReynolds said. "There is a lot."
What's that you say? Fraud in a government run program?? Color me shocked!

Seriously, anytime there is a government run program, it's ripe for fraud. This is what the entitlement mindset has done. Let's get government OUT of our lives, and teach people to fend for themselves!! The problem with that is most of these people "earn" a better living defrauding programs that are supposed to assist them then those of us who work hard for everything we have.

Gotta love the system. *sigh*

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