Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Illegal Immigration - Just My Opinion

You know what? I've about had it. I've had it up to here with this whole Arizona debate. I'll not rehash the ins and outs of it, as it's been everywhere. I'll not go into how the MSM is "twisting" (read lying) about what the law contains. What I will do is just rant.

I applaud Arizona. While the feds are not doing a single thing to protect our borders, Arizona finally decided to do something themselves. One must remember, while all those in Washington are sitting in their cushy houses in their cushy neighborhoods spouting bullshit, the citizens of Arizona are bleeding. They're bleeding money by paying for services for people who have NO right to be here. Hospitals, courts, schools, jails...why the HELL should their tax dollars go to pay for people who choose not to come to this country through the front door?

They bleed real blood. There are murders, kidnappings, drug cartels...citizens are afraid. Their towns are turning into the wild west. Deputies are being shot with AK-47s. It's well past time that they take their own state back and protect its citizens.

Oh yeah - I know those in Washington want amnesty...they want that big voting block. Though, when you think about it, many are probably voting illegally anyway. I hear arguments that these people are just looking for a better life. I'm sure some are, but come here legally. Once again - I'll reiterate that I'm not against immigration - I'm against ILLEGAL immigration.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Yeah - this is someone who wants the American dream, right? We want free? You owe us? We'll shoot police?? Do ya really think that threatening law enforcement helps your agenda? Just what in the HELL have you done to deserve free anything? And a better question...why the HELL do we owe you ONE. DAMNED. THING.


  1. Is that sign for real? Seems like it is meant to be sarcastic?

  2. Well, it's a real sign, but since I wasn't there, I have no way of knowing the author's intent... ;)