Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey Feingold - You've been Dumped!

Though I think it's been obvious for a long time, this is good news.

The Washington Post says that the White House has a message for Wisconsin Democrats: You’re on your own. In a report on the desperate triage taking place inside the Oval Office, presidential advisers are attempting to find places where Barack Obama can’t hurt Democrats and where candidates have a reasonable chance for success. That means Russ Feingold and Wisconsin have seen their last of Obama in the midterm cycle
Read the rest here.

Well Russ - your days are numbered. Even the White House has written you off. Start packing your're OUTTA there!!! Wisconsin will finally be rid of the self-described "maverick" who was interested in one thing only - his own political career.

Vote Ron Johnson for US Senate on November 2!!!

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