Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Tolerant, Compassionate Left

It's almost laughable that the left calls the right intolerant, racist, *insert name here*...because they're oh SO tolerant, right?
Joy Behar condemned a political ad by Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle as fomenting racial divisiveness. The View aired Angle’s latest TV ad on the talk show on Tuesday morning. Looking at the camera, Behar addressed Angle, calling her a “bitch” and concluding that Angle is “going to hell, this bitch.”

Behar described the ad as “a Hitler youth commercial,” said Angle is “a moron on top of being evil” and also dared Angle to “do this ad in the South Bronx,” implying that New Yorkers wouldn’t stand for it.

Angle has come in for criticism of the ad, called “The Wave,” which some have characterized as vilifying Latinos. On Tuesday’s View, Sherri Shepherd said that while many call for racial harmony, ads such as this cast people with “brown or black skin” as threats to whites, and “makes Hispanics the bogeyman” out to “pounce on whites.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck also said she felt the ad is “wrong.” See? Everyone can get along, given a common target to attack.

As she did during the recent Bill O’Reilly rumble, host Barbara Walters tried to calm down the panel in a plea for civility.
While admittedly I have not seen the ad, that fact is irrelevant to the point I'm trying to make. The fact that Behar called Angle a moron and a bitch is absolutely uncalled for. And then there's the BLATENT double standard. Just imagine if someone from the right called Boxer those names - do you think people would just shrug it off? The headlines would be screaming!!

Time and time again, the left demonstrates that not only are they hypocritical, but they are utterly classless.

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