Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Witnessed a Miracle

Wow! I had the privilege of watching (as many of you may have) the last miner being rescued from 1/2 mile underground after being trapped for 69 days. Friends - if you don't think this is a miracle, I beg to differ.

First, after the mine collapsed, it was assumed that those 33 men were dead. But wait! After 17 days, it was learned that there were not only survivors, but they ALL survived.

Next, because of the configuration of the mine, it would take quite some time to figure out a way to rescue them. The initial estimations put the rescue effort at Christmas.

Now - think about this. These 33 men were trapped 1/2 mile underground for 69 days. 69 DAYS!!!!! Yet as far as we know, they worked together to make it liveable. Yes, because of ingenuity, whatever comfort and medications that were needed would, if at all possible, be provided. And yet, 33 men trapped underground for over 2 months working TOGETHER seems to be a rare commodity.

The Chilean president was bound and determined to rescue his fellow countrymen. He accepted help from the entire global community. In fact, even Wisconsin's own Waukesha had a hand in this rescue.

Unbelievably, the rescue went flawlessly. Each and every one of those miners have now been rescued. It truly was something to behold.

If that doesn't give you faith in a higher power, the power of prayer and the essential "goodness" of people, I truly feel sorry for you.


  1. Watched the first two, then a few in between, and the last two. Can't tell ya how many tears I shed watching such a wonder!

  2. I was only able to watch the last few. That, in and of itself, was worth it. I cried like a baby!! Truly miraculous...