Monday, January 17, 2011


My friends - this is EPIC!!!! And event that hasn't taken place since December 14, 1941. A matchup 70 years in the making!

As many of you know, I am a Bears fan while my husband is a Packer fan. And we are not what you would call passive fans. We're the jump up, scream and yell kinda fans. Throughout the years, we have had a respectful rivalry in our household. Civil discourse, you might say. No hateful rhetoric. Well folks, that all changed yesterday. Since we both tend to get a little...intense, we decided that it would be best if we not watch the game in the same room. Or house. Or state. So I will be in Illinois watching the game with my fellow Bears fans - fans as rabid and vocal as I am.

Now, I'm not gonna pretend that living in Wisconsin in the upcoming week will be easy, but fortunately I can still get Chicago news on the radio and TV. Regardless of the outcome of the game, the Superbowl will be anticlimactic. Friends - THIS is the Superbowl!

I hope you all enjoy the week leading up to the game, and I suspect most of you will be parked in front of a TV somewhere next Sunday.

Oh yeah - and  GO BEARS!!!!!!


  1. You two should make a bet.

    For the rest of your lives, whenever the loser says the name of the winner's team aloud, they have to append it with the phrase "our nation's greatest football team".

    Example: "I love the Bears, but my husband likes the &%$#(@! Packers, our nation's greatest football team". No embellishing.

    Any failure to do so requires the loser to wear the winner's team jersey at a venue of the winner's choosing...


  2. Hey J - good thing hubby never reads my blog!! :P