Sunday, January 23, 2011

James T. - Up Close and Personal

I've mentioned my buddy James T. Harris in the past...dude ROCKS!!! Anyway, there's a great Q&A on with's a snippet...
1. What led you into talk radio? Why radio?

It was never my plan to be a radio talk show host. I was a public school teacher and a professional public speaker. But from the very first day I heard Rush Limbaugh on the air, I became a fan. That was in 1991. Over the years I became a caller to the local talk shows in Milwaukee and, in time, I became known as "James from Sherman Park" or "James on the West Side."

There were people who suggested that I host my own show, but I can honestly tell you that I never even entertained the thought until I was asked by a PD at 620 WTMJ to sit in with him and co-host a talk show at the station. As a frequent caller over the years, I had made an impression on the station management, and they thought I had potential. That's how I got into the business.

I will just add that, at the end of the day, I'm a person who loves ideas. Talk radio is a business, but it's also a vehicle for me to satisfy my insatiable curiosity for knowledge and interact with fascinating people who all have their own story to tell.
Go on - read the rest! Dude is awesome (for a Packer fan)!!! Seriously, if you want to get a glimpse into what makes James T. tick, go read it!!!

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