Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Update

Well, anyone who has been following this blog from the beginning knows the story of The Elder. You would also know that The Elder's wife, TSC, was due to have a baby this month. As of this minute, TSC is 4 days overdue. The poor little thing is a) more than anxious to hold her precious little baby and b) pretty much miserable. :(

As far as The Elder is concerned, he is LOVING the Army. I rely on TSC for most of my information, but I've gotten some text messages here and there. He will be graduating basic in March, and I already have my plane and hotel reservations...I can't WAIT!!! I'll get to meet the baby (hereinafter referred to as "wiggleworm" cuz that's what mommy calls him/her), see TSC again, see The Elder graduate and also reconnect with his mom and dad. What could be better???

Thanks for your service babe - God be with you. And with you too, TSC!


  1. Our Military- Now that's a team I can get behind.

  2. I completely concur - and I couldn't be prouder

  3. Well, soldier..the bed and basic housekeeping look a little sloppy. KP for YOU!

    OTOH, Chris has confided to me in your career plans and let me say I wish you all the best. I hope I have the honor of meeting you some day.

    Thanks for being on the wall in the dead of night.