Monday, January 25, 2010


Yes friends, I realize I have been missing in action. I know you miss my pearls of wisdom - that you are waiting with baited breath for the next stunning revelation I may reveal. I kid, of course. In any case, the reason I've been silent is that I'm recovering from a medical procedure that had to be performed on my neck. This is the third time I've undergone this procedure, but for some reason this one has been MUCH more painful than the previous two. There was much pain leading up to the procedure, which was why I haven't been posting. I have stories bookmarked, a podcast to review, and I was hoping to catch up with that over the weekend while I was recuperating. Alas, that was not the case. I was far too loopy to even attempt to make sense (as if I ever do!).

In any case, I just wanted to explain my absence to my 1 or 2 readers, and let y'all know that I will be back ASAP. After all, we DO have the State of the Union address on Wednesday!

P.S. - I was conscious enough to see the Saints beat the crap out of Brett Favre! :) GEAUX SAINTS!!!

P.S.S. If I've made spelling or grammatical errors, see paragraph 1 for the explanation!


  1. Feel better!

    Because, when you do, there will be parties involved. ;-)

  2. Does the increased pain mean it WORKED this time????

  3. Time will tell my friend, time will tell.

  4. sorry, the above post was from Melissa...not Melanie! ha ha