Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Shoebox Rallying Cry!!

It seems as though our friend Shoebox is having a bit of difficulty with the TSA of late. I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Box on Sunday when he attended a gathering of what I consider to be some of the best conservative bloggers in Southeastern Wisconsin. Hmmmm - could THAT be why he's having difficulties? ;)

Seriously though, I simply don't understand what is going on these days!! In response to yet another Muslim between the ages of 20 - 38 trying to blow up a plane, we have the illustrious TSA messing with children, an award winning journalist, and a conservative blogger. Really?? Is this supposed to make us feel safer? As I said, I met Shoebox on Sunday, and he is the furthest thing from "threatening" looking that you can get. Other than the fact that he's male, there is not ONE thing that would raise the suspicions of the TSA. I'm beginning to think that those "well trained" employees are just frightened little children. They're afraid to detain people who actually fit the profile of a terrorist. Instead, we have granny and little johnny being targeted.

So friends - let's start the rallying cry...

Hey hey! Ho ho! Shoebox should be free to go!!

Hey hey! Ho ho! Shoebox should be free to go!!

You can read another take on this at Ol' Broad's place.

UPDATE: This comment Shoebox left at Ol' Broad's place says it all...
What pisses me off about this is that I’d have more rights to get the situation resolved if I had actually done something nasty! Terrorists have more rights than US citizens! They are innocent until proven quilty, I’m suspected until proven innocent!


  1. Well sir, I imagine that had you gone to the airport, purchased a one-way ticket with cash, and had no luggage, you'd have been fine.

  2. Here we go again- Blogger detained
    I'm thinking that TSA has a "naughty & nice" list. Kind of like the Nixon Administration. If your credentials are in order and you possess no contraband TSA's authority ends. It's then the jurisdiction of the FBI if you come to the attention of authorities.

  3. Yup - that's one of the stories I linked's absolutely absurd!!!