Friday, January 29, 2010

The State of the Union

Just a few (very) random thoughts on the State of the Union…I won’t get into what the prez said – you can see a lot of good commentary all over the blogosphere.

I thought he was very condescending. I seriously can’t figure out if he is really not listening to the American people – if he’s that out of touch, or if he’s that arrogant as to completely ignore the will of the people in order to tell us what is best for us.

I think dissing the SCOTUS on national TV right in front of them was a most disgusting thing to do.

I know that he needs the TOTUS (even to speak to 6th graders), but once – just ONCE – can you look directly into the camera so that the American people feel like you’re talking to us? Isn’t that what the State of the Union is about? Letting we the people know what’s going on, what’s going to happen, what your plans are?

I really can't stand looking at Biden and Pelosi grinning from ear to ear...this is supposed to be a serious speech. I wanted to smack the grins right off of them. And speaking of serious - Mr. President, this is not a comedy show. I don't know if by cracking jokes you think you are "connecting" to the people, but there are a lot of us out here that are NOT laughing. We're losing jobs, losing homes, afraid for our country and the direction its headed. I, for one, was not amused.

STOP THE BLAME GAME!!! Dude – seriously. Even your own party is realizing that it’s time to stop blaming the previous administration for all the ills of the world. Sheesh!! You’ve been in office for a year now – start taking some ownership.

And finally – does this president, for one second, think that the majority of thinking people in this country believe his bullshit? Playing the semantics game will not work. I was, quite frankly, insulted that he thinks that the people of this country are stupid enough to buy into his line of crap.

And those are my random thoughts.


  1. I wonder if you believe the republicans line of crap

  2. Well actually, I learn about issues and form my own opinions. These days there are very few of my "elected representatives" that actually represent the will of the people.