Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black with an Asterisk??

You know, most of the time when I write a post, I do it almost without thinking (hold the jokes please). I go with my gut. But I had to really think about whether I wanted to post about this. The reason for my hesitation is because I don't like to give bigoted racists any more exposure than necessary. Eventually I decided that the good in bringing this ignorance to light outweighs the bad.

One of the local liberal bloggers recently published a post about James T. Harris. Harris is a local radio talk show host who became national news when he "dared" to speak out about then candidate Obama in the 2008 election cycle. The reason for the outrage? He's a black conservative *gasp* He received not only the most vile hate mail I've ever seen, but also death threats.

Cut to Monday. This local blogger actually had the gall to call Mr. Harris a "black with an asterisk". I will not repeat any more of his blog post - go read it for yourself. The racism is unconscionable. How anyone can think - let alone speak - like that in this day and age is nothing short of pure ignorance.

James has now posted a reply to this trash.
Jay, is it the prerogative of white men to assign value judgments in terms of whether minority men meet your standard of authenticity? That’s a lot of power you have, Exalted Leader. Do I get to put an asterisk next to your level of “whiteness,” Wizard Bullock?

Seriously. I’ve been “black” since the day I was born. I grew up in the city of Milwaukee and I have friends and family members throughout this great city who can more than vouch for my “blackness,” despite the illustrious wisdom of Uncle Jay & Company. I just hosted a “black” 30-year reunion celebration for the “black” church in which I was raised! Yeah, we had nearly thirty “black” people (most of whom would agree with your politics) in our “black” backyard celebrating our “black” friendships… fool!
Read the's outstanding!

It's really a shame that in this "post-racial" time (yeah, right) a good conservative has to defend himself...because of his color.


  1. sorry for doing this, but i'm going to copy & paste the same comment i made on fred's:

    a while back i wrote a post saying how we should lose the hyphen in our descriptions of ourselves
    and simply refer to each other as "American." the enlightened lefties referred to me as the worst kind of racist.
    when some a-hole refers to a black man who doesnt fit their voting template as "black with an asterisk" its perfectly acceptabe
    and enlightened??

    F#$% you bert, bullock and the rest of you "keep them in their place" liberal a-holes out there.

  2. StillUnreal, you wish everyone would be 'Merican, but in the same breath you ridicule and tar the "lefties". What, they're not 'Merican?

    How much of Harris's fame and fortune comes from the novelty of his being a black conservative? How much from his ideas or personality?

    Did McCain/Palin bring him to the front of the line for his ideas or for the novelty of his skin color? In Harris's own estimation, there were only "three or four" other blacks in the audience that day.

  3. Mr. Foust -- How interesting that you comment on the prior response, but not the issue. Hmmm ...

  4. Maintaining that a person is obligated to espouse a certain political ideology simply because of that person's skin color is racism.