Friday, July 23, 2010

Milwaukee Flood 2010

Well friends - I consider myself fortunate. The storms of yesterday passed just north of me, and for that I am grateful. Unfortunately, these record breaking storms left tremendous damage to many
This was at Germanfest.
A Cadillac Escalade in a sinkhole
One of my favorite burger joints - AJ Bombers
This was taken by my friend Patrick near his house.
There are even homes being swallowed by sinkholes.

Folks - this is nothing short of devastating. I will keep all those affected by these storms in my prayers. I hope you do too.


  1. Well, given the MMSD, that is EXACTLY correct! We haven't even heard how much was dumped this time - last week it was over 500 MILLION gallons!! Not to mention the folks that had the raw sewage backing up into their basements...

  2. It was crazy. It just kept coming and coming. While out serving this morning and afternoon, I kept trying to make small talk, so defendants didn't have the opportunity to ask questions I couldn't answer. A simple question like, "How did you make out with all the rain", sure did wonders. Amazingly, all defs I came into contact with had minimal to no problems. That would just add insult to injury anyway...being flooded and foreclosed on, yikes.

    I feel bad for the Germanfest goers. Especially those in Lederhosen. Imagine how tight those outfits are today...

  3. No one can not stop of natural calamities so I will keep all those affected by these storms in my prayers. I hope you do too.

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