Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feingold's Slimy Tactics

I "borrowed" this from Fred in its entirety...

Feingold operative following and trying to tape Ron Johnson. Feingate? Spygold?

This evening Republican Senate candidate Ron Johnson paid a visit to Drinking Right.

For those unaware Drinking Right is a monthly gathering of conservative bloggers and blog readers.

According to Johnson campaign staffers a person from the Feingold campaign has been following Johnson taping everything he does.

The operative came to Drinking Right, sat at the bar, ordered a Heineken and discretely held a video recorder in his lap taping everything Mr. Johnson did. The manager at Papa's noticed and did not take kindly to having his customers video taped without having any permission asked.

The Feingold operative was asked to erase the recording and asked to leave. Apparently he drove away in a vehicle with Virginia plates.

So what do we know?

1. Rather than have an honest campaign about the issues, the Feingold campaign is scared and they are going to pull every dirty trick they can think of to smear a good man.

2. The Feingold campaign is pulling in operatives from outside of Wisconsin to help them in their smear tactics.

3. If you are going to try and video tape the customers at Papa's don't let Dickie see you.

For the record, Ron Johnson was a class act. He took the time to introduce himself and chat with everyone there.
I, for one, take issue with this, as I was in attendance and chatting with Ron Johnson. What in the world did they expect to "catch" on tape? Were they hoping for a Macaca moment? Well, even if Dickie had not stepped in, I'm afraid the Feingold campaign would have been sorely disappointed. Ron Johnson was, as Fred said, a class act. He was polite, engaging and truly seemed to want to know what issues the voters are concerned about.

And therein lies the difference between slime and class.

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