Thursday, July 15, 2010

Manufactured Racism

This is an excellent piece on manufactured racism. It features a "conversation" between Jesse Jackson and his secretary. Here's a snippet...

It's hard out there for a "black leader." Imagine a typical morning.

Jackson: What's in the inbox today?

Secretary: Not much, sir. The owner of LeBron James' former team called him selfish and heartless.

Jackson: That's it?

Secretary: Sorry, sir.

Jackson: No police beatings of blacks? No YouTube videos of whites jumping on blacks? No tape of a politician, law enforcement officer or public figure using the N-word?

Secretary: No, sir. It's pretty quiet out there. MSNBC hired another white host.

Jackson: No, they're on our side.
Read the whole thing here. Does it seem that far fetched to you?

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