Thursday, August 18, 2011

Judge Dennis Barry - Suicide

Well my friends, the rumors floating around are true.
Tom Terry, Racine County Medical Examiner, said the apparent cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head, and that so far, authorities have "no reason to believe it was not a suicide."

Terry said Barry's wife reported him missing about 6:30 a.m., and that police on patrol noticed a car in Lincoln Park around 9:00 a.m., and that Barry's body was found nearby, partially in the water.
It's sad to think that a man so admired by so many felt that this was the only way out.

I sincerely hope that Judge Barry finds the peace he clearly couldn't find here.


  1. It's terrible. He was a wonderful man AND judge.

  2. authorities have "no reason to believe it was not a suicide.
    How about how hard it is to shoot yourself in the head??????

  3. I sure would like to know more about the gun he supposedly used and what his wife has to say about his state of mind in recent past. Hard to believe.

  4. I wonder what secrets drove him to suicide? With the FBI in Racine, maybe those secrets will come to life, and other Racine political secrets as well.

  5. Why do all the blogs endorse an alcoholic as being a good judge? Wouldn't being a drunk impair your ability to rule on other people's lives as much as being a drug addict? Just sayin......

  6. To the two cowards attempting to smear Judge Barry with lies and innuedo:

    It's no shock that you used an anonymous handle. It's kinda like a skunk coming through and spraying the room and leaving.

    Actually, comparing the two of you to a skunk is an insult ... to the skunk.

  7. First, I welcome debate here, but I will NOT tolerate hate. For whomever alleged he was an alcoholic, if you can't back that up with facts, please refrain from commenting. As for the folks making disgustingly voyeuristic comments, you sicken me. I suppose you would be the type to camp out on the widow's front lawn hoping to capitalize on her pain.


  8. Just looked up the Underground Conservative. What a nut job!!!! Your site is ignorant, uninformed, and a waste of time and space.

  9. Then why are you wasting your time and ours? Just to spew ugliness? Nice.