Thursday, August 11, 2011

Unemployment Benefits Create Jobs

Isn't this awesome news!?
"I understand why extending unemployment insurance provides relief to people who need it, but how does that create jobs," Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler asked Jay Carney at Wednesday's WH briefing.

Carney responded: "Oh, uh, it is by, uh, I would expect a reporter from the Wall Street Journal would know this as part of the entrance exam."

"There are few other ways that can directly put money into the economy than applying unemployment insurance," Carney said.

Carney answers the question: "It is one of the most direct ways to infuse money directly into the economy because people who are unemployed and obviously aren't running a paycheck are going to spend the money that they get. They're not going to save it, they're going to spend it. And with unemployment insurance, that way, the money goes directly back into the economy, dollar for dollar virtually."

"Every place that, that money is spent has added business and that creates growth and income for businesses that leads them to decisions about jobs, more hiring. So, there are few other ways that can directly put money into the economy than applying unemployment insurance, Carney said.
Are you EFFING kidding me? This dunce makes it sound like everyone who is collecting an unemployment check (and I myself know far too many people in this situation) are out hootin' & hollerin' and having a good ol' time with that money.

Get serious!!! MOST people on unemployment have a home (or did), families, bills to pay. Their unemployment check is a fraction
of what they were making while employed. I'd venture to guess that most of the people collecting unemployment are trying to figure out which bills to pay this month and which they can put off until next month. I know folks who are trying to figure out how they're going to pay their mortgage and whether or not they can cut down on certain insurance coverage. Does this jackass REALLY believe that the money they receive is creating jobs?

Ya know - this sounds curiously like something Nancy Pelosi said about a year ago. Tell me again how many jobs have been created?


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