Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Has Spoken

Note to the “other” side:

In the months leading up to the 2010 elections, it became very apparent that Wisconsinites were not happy with the status quo. We were disgusted with the current administration. We were tired of taxing, spending, raiding funds, the unions playing puppet master to Doyle’s puppet. We no longer wanted to be a state which was known as a business owner's nightmare and a trial lawyer’s dream. In essence, we were looking for (to borrow a phrase) change we could believe in.

I assumed, foolishly perhaps, that by November 3, 2010, the message was sent loud and clear. Not only did a virtual unknown beat 3 term senator Russ Feingold, but Republicans took the house, senate and Governor's mansion. It couldn't be much clearer than that, could it?

Since that time, we the people have had to deal with all manner of temper tantrums from the left. They simply DO NOT know how to lose gracefully. We've had to deal with special interest groups sending thousands of people to trash our capitol. Then there were the Senate Democrats who, in a gross dereliction of duty, ran away to another state in order to avoid voting on a bill to which they were opposed. Not to mention lawsuits and recall elections. And during all that, the current administration managed to do its job, and quite well I might add.

In an historic recall campaign, tens of MILLIONS of dollars flooded into Wisconsin from special interest groups to support the democratic candidates. The ads were played ad nauseum, yet not one ad had any substance. They could no longer play the collective bargaining card, as story after story will demonstrate how that is WORKING for school districts and municipalities. Quite frankly, the ads on both sides of the aisle got incredibly annoying.

Well folks, you tried, and you lost. The Republicans retained control of the senate. Y'all gave it your best shot, but it's OVER. FINISHED. Nothing to see here - move along.

So please. I'm begging you. The people have spoken time and time again. We are quite pleased with the current administration. ENOUGH with the lawsuits. Enough with the "recall Walker" garbage. If you care even the tiniest bit about democracy, the electoral process, and a government that is supposed to be of the people, by the people and FOR the people, LEAVE IT ALONE.

Wisconsin has spoken. Please hear her message.