Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In My Happy Place

I gotta tell you, between personal issues and politics, I've been in a real crappy place.  I've been sad, enraged, stressed, you name it.  I decided I have to shake this funk.  Soooo - I decided to go to my happy place!!

A couple of months ago, the Elder was back here on leave from Germany.  The Boy and I got the amazing opportunity to spend an entire day with the family.  I gotta tell you, it was fantastic.  The Boy hadn't seen the elder in about six or so years, so this was a reaquaintance.  He'd never met TSC or his nephew, Wiggleworm.  It was one of the best days EVAH!!!
Isn't Wiggleworm the cutest???
The three boys - too handsome!!
What a beautiful family!!
Great seeing them together!!

Is THIS what the Army teaches?
Now, how can I NOT smile and be in a happy place remembering that day?  Though life can be serious and things can go wrong, we all have take a moment to enjoy.

Hope this made you smile too!!