Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank You!!!

Okay, so Kate is giving me all sorts of grief for not posting an update on Dad's condition.  I gotta tell you, his recovery is miraculous.  He had half a lung cut out on Monday, and was out to breakfast with my stepmom on Saturday.  He has now been deemed cancer free.  He will need no further follow up like chemo or radiation.  I visited him yesterday, and while he's still tired and his appetite isn't quite back yet, he looks fantastic.  I also want to thank Kate for being so awesome about posting updates...she was certainly on it better than I was!

What I really want to say is THANK YOU!!  All of you.  The feedback I got via twitter, facebook, text messages, emails, responses to posts is truly humbling.  I told Dad when I visted him yesterday that he was getting prayers and positive thoughts from not only all over this country, but several others as well.  I gotta tell y'all, it worked.  It really, truly worked.  I may get into more details later, or maybe I won't.  But God's hand was ALL OVER this thing.

Please, PLEASE read this post.  If I need to make it any clearer, when they did the scan Dad had a 2.3 cm "mass"...when they performed the surgery it was 3 cm malignant tumor.  We're talking about 5 weeks folks.  I implore y'all to practice preventive medicine for your sake and for the sake of your loved ones. 

Again, I cannot tell you how humbled and grateful I am for all of your thoughts and prayers.  I will ALWAYS be grateful to you.  :)


  1. Now that's an update I'm likin'! Prayers still there, k?

  2. Doin' Snoopy Dance! For a couple of obvious reasons. :P

  3. Chris,

    The power of prayer! Glad to hear the good news and will continue to pray! Thanks for the info since I did not know to much at all - I am all up to date!

  4. Hey MJ!! Thanks so much. This all happened so incredibly quickly that not too many folks knew about it. Poor Diane had no idea!!! I was hoping to be able to share it with y'all at Lindy's, but that obviously didn't happen. :( Hopefully I'll get to see ya soon!

  5. Been keeping up with this on Kate's place. I am coming up on my first anniversary of having a nephrectomy. Left kidney was found with a "large renal mass". 17 days from discovery to removal. Four days in hospital. Started new job about six weeks after the surgery.

  6. Prayers for your continued recovery!!