Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drinking Right - Lakefront Edition

Those who read on a regular basis have seen me mention Drinking Right. It's a group of conservative bloggers, blog readers, commenters, etc. who get together on the second Tuesday of every month at Papa's Social Club. Since we enjoy each other's company, we also occasionally get together for "off site drinking right." This past Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting the second "Lakefront Drinking Right" at my house.

I must say, in my opinion this year's party was even more fun that last year. Of course, the 64 degree weather last year kinda sucked, but we did still manage to have a good time. And I'll let ya in on a little secret - I was still a little nervous - you know - what if no one comes? How embarrassing!! And WTH will I do with all this food?! But those fears were entirely unfounded. Here are a few pics* from the party...
Dean, Patrick, Chad & Frank
Glenn, Dean, Patrick, Phel, Frank & Chad
Hubby and Sara
Kate and the infamous Silent E
Kate, Phel. and James T.
Nick, Sara, the Boy & Kate
The Friend, Nick, Sara and The Boy
And to think - I didn't know ANY of these wonderful people 2 years ago. I'm very fortunate indeed.

*If you want to see all of the pics, click here.

P.S. - Dammit! I forgot to post this originally. If you want a detailed list with links of those who attended, Patrick has a good roundup. And for more pics, Kate stepped up to the plate.

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