Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why yes Mr. Newman - It IS good reasoning

I saw this letter in the Racine Journal Times' political letter from the readers section. Initially I was going to write a reply to the paper, but then I thought...Wait! Isn't this why I have a blog?
Good Reasoning from Ron Johnson

In the bizarro Orwellian world of neocon-speak, the latest phrase voters in Wisconsin are supposed to shudder at and despise is "career politician." In one of his recent TV ads, Republican candidate for senator, Ron Johnson, says his opponent, Sen. Russ Feingold, has been a "career politician for 30 years." In other words, Sen. Feingold has been smart enough and good enough to stay in politics for 30 years and get voters of Wisconsin to vote for him in election after election for 30 years. So vote for Ron Johnson. Yes, and he approved that message.

Well-thought reasoning to convince Wisconsin voters to vote for you, Ron.

Dennis A. Newman

No offense to the good Mr. Newman, but seriously? Has he been locked in a closet? Take a good look around you sir - watch the news, read the polls. Listen to people. The career politician is EXACTLY why we are in the position we are in today. And yes - I'm blaming Democrats AND Republicans. These people get elected over and over, they have their cushy little jobs with their cushy little perks, and the next thing you know, they are no longer representing those who voted for them!! These are the people who are pushing through legislation which is CLEARLY against the will of the people. They are more concerned about their political career and pandering to special interests than they are in representing the people. We need to get them out - post haste!!!

Career Politician? Yes - those ARE words to make one shudder, at least anyone who gives a damn about the direction this country is headed.


  1. You would be in favor getting rid of "career politician" Scott Walker then.

  2. Russ is the poster child for TERM LIMITS.

  3. To Anonymous...Walker is the first "career" politician who has actually kept his word and done (or attempted to do) what he's promised. The crap the Neumann campaign pulled until recently shows that the content of his character is...well...quite lacking.