Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seriously??? WTF???

Okay y'all, sorry to do this again.  I promise I'll get back to ranting and raving soon...can't seem to help myself!!

I've already mentioned my dad.  He'll be having surgery early next week - they'll be taking about half of his lung, but by all indications he'll be fine.  I've also mentioned Mr. Ol' Broad.  So far, so good with him.  Heart seems to be doing fine, but you can get more detailed updates at Kate's place.

I'm afraid I have to ask for prayers one more time.  I have a friend whose 5 day old nephew has been rushed to ICU.  Apparently a virus he had has affected his heart.  The scary part is, they are giving him medications that they give pediatric transplant patients.  I promised this friend I would keep this as "anonymous" as possible, as the family doesn't like to air its troubles, but I believe strongly in the power of prayer, and I want to help in whatever way possible.  This friend gave me permission to post this, and if in the future the family wants to elaborate, I will be happy to post about it.

So folks - please say some prayers.  And if you're not inclined to do that, good thoughts are also welcome.  This week has been so freakin' depressing, however the feedback I/we have been getting gives me faith in all of you. 

God Bless.

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