Monday, November 15, 2010


Last night I was listening to James T. Harris’ radio show on 104.1 FM - The Truth out of Tucson, Arizona. He posed a very interesting question. What are our expectations for the newly elected Republican officials.

Hmmmm. Expectations. I’ve learned that when one has too many expectations, disappointment is but a heartbeat away. Yet whether or not we want to, we all have expectations. So, what are my expectations for the incoming Republicans? The following are in no particular order, cuz that’s how my brain works. ;)

Secure our borders. Our borders are more porous than a sponge. In this post I wrote about the non-Mexicans who are sneaking across the border. Rather than enforce immigration laws, the current administration chose to sue Arizona for trying to enforce the laws that the Feds can't enforce!! Absurd!!!

Repeal and replace Obamacare. This unconstitutional piece of garbage which was passed against the will of the American people is a mess. It won't insure more people, it won't save money, and it WILL lead to rationing. While I agree that we need some sort of healthcare reform, this most certainly is NOT it.

Cut spending. Need I say more??

Now, these are all important issues to me, but I guess what I REALLY expect is for those we elected to actually serve those who elected them. Make decisions with the will of the American people in mind. Whether or not they agree with us is really rather irrelevant. There are far too many politicians in Washington who are pushing their own personal agenda, rather than listening to their constituents. There is a distinct disconnect between so many elected officials and those they are SUPPOSED to be representing.

Expectations? I expect those I voted for to represent ME. Is that too much to ask?

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